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  1. I had mixed results with my mild, but very persistent acne, using the DKR regime. I started back in August and decided to stop early December as I wasn't sure if it was working that well. I was off for a week or so and started to breakout (so that answered that question), so decided to start again and I have had much, much better results this time (been back on for 3 weeks). What is different this time? - not much with regards the products I use (or the order see below, I moisturise before BP,
  2. Anyway, as one can see by the benefits benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid have that were outlined in the first portion of this post, they can compliment each other in the battle against inflammatory acne. If you don't have inflammatory acne, you may as well not waste your money on benzoyl peroxide products because they work mainly to disinfect, and bacteria isn't a problem for those with non-inflammatory acne. Now I am a little confused about the difference of inflammatory and non-inflammator
  3. Sorry for the confusion, no I have used BP for 6 months, I have stopped using it for 2 days. I am pretty sure I rubbed it all but still it bleached everything in sight :rolleyes:
  4. I have had it. 6 months battling with mild but persistent acne, and I really f*****g hate BP. It isn't the fact it takes forever to gently rub in, I can take the time and be as gentle as you like, it isn't that I spend 99% of the day thinking about my face, what I am putting on my face, is it moisturised enough etc., I can obsess with the best of them. Yes I have used cetaphil cleanser and yes I have the mildest, least offensive moisturiser (+ jojoba oil) and yes I do it twice a day, every day.
  5. Well damn! L'oreal tests their product ingredients on animals and is noted for using some of the most inhumane methods L'oreal also gets their products from exploited resources and areas. That blows my mind that the supposed nature/animal friendly Body Shop company would make a change like that. It's sad...but I guess everything has a price tag. I m going to find another vit E moisturizer Yup it sucks doesn't it, I remember when Anita Roddick first started the company and how they were so
  6. oh mirrors are lovely, almost as great as crap photos LOL. How often do we focus on the size of our nose, or bad hair, or ..... BUT we do see ourselves differently to others as we are our own worse critics. Most of us will obsess over every imperfection on our face, we know our faces so well and every pimple/red mark is exaggerated in our MINDS EYE. This isn't what other people see as their brains do not process the imperfections as the first thing they see, unlike ours. Indeed they will "see i
  7. Hello happy mommy, not sure how old you are but if you are under 30, Australia would be a good bet as they are happy to give work/study visas to under 30s. Check out their immigration website http://www.immi.gov.au/ hope that helps
  8. Absolutely. I used to try and pop too soon and ended up making a complete mess of it, but these 2 i forced myself to just leave them alone, until it was so obvious they needed popping, did it really easily and as you said they have disappeared really quickly. The other one that also came to a head but I resisted (in the interests of scientific experiment ) and just left it, the head went down but the zit itself still remains and I can feel it is still active. I wish I had popped that too, but
  9. I am beginning to agree with you, providing of course you do it carefully and not TOO SOON. The two I squeezed have almost disappeared, very faint red marks (dead easy to cover with coverup), the one I left alone, well it is still there, raised, red and with no sign of either getting a head again or going down. Bummer.
  10. well the one I left alone is still there, but bigger than the other two. It looks more angry (redder) and harder. It doesn't have a head now, as the whitehead disappeared so I won't touch it. The other two have shrunk down, are drying out and have faded faster. No scarring as I didn't mess with them too much other than just squeeze out the gunk. We'll see what happens ....
  11. Hi, There has been so much discussion lately regarding whether you should or shouldn't pop a zit and apologies for yet another post on the topic. But I have just conducted a reasonably scientific like experiment and thought I would just share it. I was always a terrible picker, just couldn't leave them alone, would always have a go at them before they were ready and suffered with a much worse zit as a result. Not to be encouraged I have got much better lately and do leave them alone, well mo
  12. Very interesting, as I am convinced environment affects acne. I am British and have always had pretty good skin (in my thirties by the way), I moved from the UK to the US in March this year. My skin was fine and I remember thinking how good it was looking when I arrived here. By the end of June, my skin was breaking out and by end of July/August it was looking a real mess. I have worked hard with my skin since then and have it pretty much under control, although I am still much more spotty than
  13. Thank you for your help and I had forgotten they have just changed the carry on regulations. I knew there was a reason why OTS is sold in search tiny bottles I will endeavour to keep it going but I am also hoping the Australian climate will suit my skin better anyway as I have only had problems with my skin since moving over to Maryland from the UK in the Spring. Off to Oz for 3 years, so hopefully all will return to normal (fat chance). Thanks again