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  1. I've read countless blogs about how someone cleared their acne by simply changing diet.. Since I had a bad reaction to retinA/clindamycin I do not feel comfortable taking any medications at the moment. Looking for a healthy diet change but the problem is I am naturally prone to losing weight. Any suggestions on how to maintain or even gain some weight while avoiding acne prone foods!? Most diets I've seen are sure to make me drop ten pounds and I only weigh about 100 at the moment.. Open to sugg
  2. Becky24

    Am I allergic ??

    Sorry this happened to you as well!! My neck breakout has gotten better but has not completely gone away either .. My primary physician reccomended I not take any acne medication since I seem to be very sensitive
  3. So it's been a few days since I've stopped the retin a clindamycin regimen and I'm happy to say that all bumps/rash I had on my face, neck, chest, and wrists are gone!!! Haven't been itching anymore either. I thought I would break out like crazy from stopping the regimen but my skin is doing even better. With that being said.. I'd like to advise everyone on here to be careful and do a patch test before using a new medication all over your face. This allergy was spreading throughout my body and c
  4. Just went to a doctor and he says it looks like I'm suffering from an allergic reaction due to either retin-a or clindamycin. He reccomended I stop using both medications. Benadryl and prednisone for a few days in order to control the itching on my neck and wrists! I found out in deficient in vitamin D and many have said these supplements greatly helped their acne so here I go! Just purchased vitamin d3 with calcium. Working on changing my diet as well
  5. Becky24

    Am I allergic ??

    Since I've been on this regimen I've had a rash on my wrist which I think came from sleeping on my arms and it hasn't gone away (started 7 weeks ago) I am constantly itchy and my neck is still breaking out itchy even though I don't apply any medicines to that area.. Debating if I should stop using...
  6. Becky24

    6 week update

    Some people said they blistered from being outside for just a few minutes even with sun block on so I've been a little afraid!! I'm gonna try it out today though with a strong sunscreen! Thanks
  7. Becky24

    Neck breakout

    Witch hazel has been helping calm down this neck break out! Not applying retin a or clindamycin to neck area, only witch hazel (thumbs up!!!!)
  8. Becky24

    6 week update

    6 weeks on retin-a and clindamycin regimen.. Not working keep breaking out next to my nose and cheek area. The weather is getting warmer and I have to hide inside the house since sun exposure is not recommended on this medicatio. This better be worth it because boy am I getting depressed from sitting in...
  9. Becky24

    Neck breakout

    I'm not applying retin a or clindamycin to my neck but for some reason I'm breaking out like crazy over there. Has anyone experienced this? It's like my acne couldn't come out on my face so it moved to my neck??? So weird.
  10. Becky24


    Hey everyone! So I've been on retin a and clindamycin for about ten days now and I'm starting to get that ever so dreaded initial breakout the breakout is consisting of a very itchy patchy area of tiny pimples. Not any big ones so that's good I guess? I hope this goes away soon ugh! Oh side note , yesterday I started oral antibiotics for a "girl" infection if you know what I mean... Lol so I'll be on that medication for about three days and I'm kinda hoping it helps my acne too ..
  11. Turns out the online dermatologist is legit!! I got my scripts today . My acne is moderate so she's just starting me off with tretinoin cream and clindamycin . Cetaphil face wash was recommended but I am going to continue using African black soap. Excited to try this hopefully my skin will become clearer!!
  12. Becky24

    Getting a derm

    Soo I can't seem to find a derm available with my crazy schedule BUT I was watching YouTube and some girl was talking Bout an online dermatologist called yoderm.. I signed up for it paid $59 idk if this is legit though so don't try it until I let you know!! Lol I'll take the risk.. Took pics of my skin was assigned a doctor. Waiting on a response
  13. Becky24



    Out of all the natural products I have tried this one is definitley the best. Helps control my acne but did not clear it.
  14. Becky24

    My skin journey

    To begin.. I have had acne since the age of 10, I am now 21 years old. When I was younger my acne was much worse than it is now. I had many many pimples all over the place but never had cystic acne. Now at 21 my skin is at its best but still not clear. I have mostly black heads. Many tiny pimples on my forhead and chin areas. Blackheads everywhere. What helped my skin the most seems to be witch hazel. I wash my face with African black soap. I've tried apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, bentonite
  15. The perfect natural option

    (I don't use the brand pictured above) Obsessed with African black soap!! Makes me feel soooooo clean and happy that its chemical free!! I've always LOVED my cetaphil and had a hard time giving it up but African black soap finally allowed me to make the switch to natural products! Can't say that it's cleared my blackheads or anything though but hey it hasn't broken me out