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  1. Noted. And I know this has been discussed before but I've heard so many confliciting theories. Cold or warm water? Should it be hot first then cold or vice versa? And for my "in between splash" what would be best?
  2. Okay so what am I supposed to do if I come after work, and have to attend a dinner or something? Am I supposed to avoid my face in the shower and go out with a greasy face? And also, the regimen says that you should use a moisturizer if your skin becomes dry and flaky. My skin does neither, and when I've used the moisturizer in the past it seemed to only make it more oily. Am I to believe that I can't be successful without it?
  3. So I wake up, shower/ wash face , apply bp, then go to work. I come home sweaty so I shower/ wash face. that's 5 pm. Inbetween 5 and the time i sleep i sweat a lot. So before bed I wash and apply bp. Is it ok to apply bp after every face wash? I have relatively oily skin so i don't use a moisturizer
  4. So I definitely don't think the zinc pincolinate is helping at all. I"m thinking of switching to a different zinc because this zinc deficiency thing just seems so logical. Is there a significant difference between these types of zinc? What if I try optizinc or chilted? Or maybe I should just abandon zinc altogether and start from scratch. I'm fucking crawling out of my skin
  5. I see. Perhaps I need to curb my brown rice eating then. Could you show me some websites with good lists of low-insulin foods? I was also wondering if any of you guys have ever done liver flushes or coffee enemas? I'm really in a bad way right now
  6. Well I hardly eat any sugar at all, and my skin has been relatively poor for quite sometime. The only sugar I get is from the 2 or 3 fruits I eat a day. But maybe I should just deny myself that as well? Might as well become an acetic monk.
  7. Regarding this B6 discussion, I bought Zinc Picolinate with 10 MG of B6 the other week. I took it for about three days and felt that my skin may have stopped braking out, but it wasn't producing the dramatic effect that I had hoped for; my skin being in terrible condition at the time. I decided to buy Solgar's Zinc Picolinate which didn't have anything other than 20 mg of Calcium, in hopes that this brand might work better. That was three days ago and since then my skin has gotten worse. I have
  8. While at the Vitamin Shoppe I came across this. It was the only supplement I found that contained retinyl acetate. We'll see how it goes.
  9. -Data Your theories on Vitamin D intrigue me. Seeing as how I live in Hawaii, I'll be in the sun usually 3 times a week for maybe 3 hours total. Do you think that on those days that I'm not, my serum levels are depleting? Maybe I should pick up some Vit D and take it on the days when I miss the sun. Also, I'm on my third day of my 180 dose and haven't detected any internal side effects as others have described. Do you think not experiencing those side effects alrady says something about my zin
  10. Thanks for the advice. I'll keep you posted. Also, what was your bowel movements like? I started the zinc yesterday, and this morning my stool was very "runny".
  11. I learn something new every time you post, kudos. So I went out and bought Nature's Plus Zinc Picolinate W/B-6 last night. The breakdown is: B-6( pyridoxine HCI) 10 mg Zinc ( di-picolinate) 30 mg Whole Brown Protein 250 mg How does that look? I'm gonna start taking 5 a day.
  12. Databased, your story has resonated deeply with me, and you have articulated my plight better than I ever could. It's so fucking disheartening to research thread after thread, investing so much time into so little, so often. I'm so glad you and others are finding success with this. I am currently feeling worse than I've ever felt about my skin. I think this is mainly due to the coconut oil I was putting in my green smoothies that I have been making for a few weeks. In a desperate attempt to
  13. Quick question, do you think the vitamin shoppe brand is adequate for the borage oil and primrose?
  14. After a lemon has been de-skined, does it lose it's potency? I like to keep one in the refrigerator and use it for a week or two on my face.
  15. So I've heard numerous arguments for and against both and was wondering if someone could set the record straight. Which is more beneficial for acne?