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  1. Came back for me. My acne has been always on again/off again. I follow a proper lifestyle like everyone else. Accutane is completely useless as I still get acne at age 38. There is no wonder medication for acne at all. Some people are lucky and some are not.
  2. I've used these for about a month. To me it is working slowly. Certainly flattens the scar but not too sure about the redness. I still have redness but I am anticipating that will die down as the months go on
  3. You know, I am sick of doctors with their insistence on using creams and gels with scars. I have 3 hypertrophic scars sustained on my right hand which are red and have scar tissue due to complications from simple cyrotherapy procedure (removal of warts). One doctor told me to use dermatix on them but what happens if you have to wash your hands bang the gel instantly comes off. What is the point of that? I'm not going to put on band-aids everydat for 6 to 9 months or silicone gel sheets as it
  4. I use it two times a day. Once in the morning and once at night. No results so far for me but I'll still keep trying to see how it goes
  5. He/she must have raised scars, or heavens forbid no research was done prior to purchase... I did my research and besides the dermatologist told me take it. And to the question of the earlier person it is slightly raised and red. No one has answered my question here. If you did take it was it succesful?
  6. Hi, wonder if anyone has tried this product and if so have you had success with it? I'm trying out at the moment and i'm getting discouraged. I know I shouldnt be as it takes up to 2 months for results to happen (so they claim...)
  7. Thanks for the reply. It is actually happened to me now a bit but certainly as you mentioned in your post not as severe.
  8. Hi all, Has anyone had a reoccurance of acne after taking accutane for a certain period of time? If so, did you any of you go on another course?
  9. I've lost about 4kg in the past couple of months. Before accutane I was around 75kg and now I am 71kg,
  10. Towards the end of week 3 for me and boy it sucked. :( Now, my skin is sort of better in the healing stage.
  11. I am taking it for bacne. Results are pretty good so far after a month. It does it's job though i suffered a major ass breakout on my back the first few days that I took accutane. The bacne got actually worse. My back is great apart from 2 small cystic pussy lesions that are steadily going down with time. Other than that my back in comparision ranged from looking like a pizza back to just plain red scarred marks which I am happy with. Accutane is one hell of a powerful drug that may get you do
  12. It's what is on the inside that counts hon. Doesnt matter what you look like even if you have acne or not, he should love you for what you are regardless if you have spots. If he makes a fuss about you having acne. Drop him