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    Send me your diet. As far as I can see it, acne is a gut issue.
  2. I'm still waiting xD Sorry haha Low carb diet will help inflammation So I recommend trying to limit processed carbs and sugar, eat quality meats (eggs etc), and make an effort to eat vegetables to flush out toxins etc Try it bro Take vitamin c, zinc and maybe vitamin D Also 3L of water or more
  3. Birth control messes with your hormones. I am not saying get off them, but that's the cause...
  4. I will try reply in further detail tomorrow but drink at least 3L of water a day
  5. I understand completely. I would lather my face with washes in the shower just so I didn't have to see acne... Yours really isn't that bad though but I understand how even the slightest bit can affect confidence.
  6. Hi I'm not a doc but I agree with you. I don't like throwing medications at a problem without trying to find the root cause. That said I did use accutane with great success. To be honest with you I would try take zinc 15-30mg a day, consider some fish oil and cod liver oil, 1000mg vitamin C Those are what helped me but they were not enough I don't think I can recommend a Vit D dosage but that helped me a lot. Hope you sort it out soon pm me if you want to ask anything (Ofc diet makes
  7. Yep not much you can do but adopt something that will better the situation, at least that's what helped me. For example, starting accutane is quite liberating because you know results are imminent, for majority of people ofc. I would recommend removing sugar and carbs (specifically processed), and see how it goes. I don't think you can stop overthinking if in your mind you acne is still there. Pretty sh*tty but yeah... accept it or do something about it... Hope this didn't bring you down lol
  8. "it's would be pretty hard for me to quit drinking alcohol" This should worry you.
  9. I would not ever recommend to someone to take Ibuprofen - especially for acne....
  10. My diet 95% of the time is virtually no sugar, no carbohydrate, plenty of meat, veggies, coconut oil. Once a week I will have some dirtier foods but yeah i have found that if i have carbs for many days straight, I get more inflammation etc
  11. Are you male or female? If male please PM me Hey man, I am male, I will pm right now
  12. I am as certain as can be that I want to go on a second course. My acne slowly returned after 4-5 months. Now it is 7 months after accutane. I am getting inflammation and my skin is slowly getting worse. I have tried almost all supplements. I cannot control it. Is there any blood work I should get checked before 2nd course? any advice is welcome - thanks
  13. Bro, I did a similar thing to you. Basically, just use bentonite clay and a face wash. I wouldn't recommend stopping shampoo. Instead, maybe try 1x a day or 1x E.O.D. Might even cut face wash for a bit....
  14. No steroids, right? I would recommend washing your face immediately after gym and consider bentonite clay good luck