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  1. Try the product out but take before and after photos and check the difference each day to make sure your not breaking out or reacting wrong to it. Sadly your in the testing stage at the moment and you've got to learn through trial and error with your skin but atleast if you monitor your skin like this and try it only on a small area you'll be able to see what works and what doesn't work for you just don't go putting it on all your face choose a small area and observe from there.
  2. Girl's (assume so from the pictures). Try using a cream called Duca it's one of the best creams out their to treat acne and it's not harsh on your skin and is completely natural and from the earth. Also differin is usually perscribed to people with scarring and only really reduces pore size theres nothing in it that actually kills acne it just makes your pores smaller so it's harder to get acne. thats all it is. I've been on differin for 1year and some months I know all the ins and outs so plea
  3. Hey, went through a situation closely to yours except i developed the acne due to a crap derm giving me a medication i was allergic to without me knowing what was in it.... Anyhow Strip it all back to the basics. Start with nothing and slowly introduce new products you want to try( only one at a time over a 2 week period) do this to monitor your break out and to make sure nothing it causing more. If you feel extra confident provide photos of your face before and after two weeks so you have the
  4. I've decided just to ignore everyone that stares at me or stare back. While just being super positive even if I have to force myself to. If anyone comments on my face i'm no longer going to act as if they are right or hide in a corner (figure of speech) i'm honestly going to say fuck you! How dare you think that your opinion on my appearance MATTERS! it took you 3-4 years to develop speech and this is the shit you decide to say. Your not worth my time energy or presence. if you don't like me i
  5. Finally a post I can relate to! I'm not joking in the slightest everything you wrote is happening to me at the moment and has been since i was 14 years old hell i use to be that so called good looking kid that the girls use to giggle at but even then i payed no attention to them as i saw how they treated others but guess what instead of karma hitting them i got the plague know as acne and from then on i noticed how people change around you how they stare or look at you but with eyes searching g
  6. Hey mate i realize that you posted this in 2013 but by any chance did u find out if the zinc and trimethoprim combo was good or bad because i'm thinking of doing the same thing at the moment of combining them in hopes of better results
  7. People, who think that you are a freak, are actually bullying you. They don't like you and they don't have a good reason for that. Can you talk about it with a confidential person? Hey mate thanks for replying. In all honesty i do not have someone to talk to in confidence and if i did i think i'd feel ashamed for being so vain in a sense for caring so much about my appearance i do at the moment. It sucks but the honest truth is that i can't handle having acne etc. I realise these people are
  8. Wow... I'm so happy I came across this site and saw this topic it's scary how similar your attitude and acne is to mine. Only real difference is i had delicate skin to begin with (meaning i scar easily) so it's hit me hard in that respect. Though I've followed your same thought process in eating only organic whole foods talking supplements working out measuring my cals antioxidants the lot. Even though i pretty much did that before i got acne have always been crazy into diet and sports (Wor
  9. I have been very unfortunate use to have clear skin but that was all the taken away because of a cruel dermatology who prescribed me the wrong dosage of acctuane which lead to me having an allergy as well as a huge acne break out on my face which is slowly starting to die down now though I've been left with scars that would haunt most people. It's so bad that i haven't actually looked in a mirror in over 5 years the best i go to is standing 15 feet away from a mirror in dark lighting. The fun