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  1. Actually this thread should have been closed.Also, I think it is kind of unethical to bother people with real problems again and again, although they have answered to you multiple times, in order to solve your own emotional/psychiatric ones. Finally, I believe that the opinion I gave the OP is really useful for his life, maybe not short-term, but long-term, towards him getting over his "problem".
  2. I would feel embarrassed posting photos like these online. Hardly anything you can do about your condition, sorry...
  3. Do you keep getting cysts from acne? If yes, I advise you to take accutane. Stay positive, because there are many thing you can do for acne scars, just make sure you are done with acne. Good luck!
  4. Your claims are just your own opinions and have nothing to do with the practice of dermatology. Either this or you bring studies that prove otherwise. Acne affects people usually at a very sensitive age (adolescence) and the last thing they want to hear is one random's bullsh*t. So stop copy pasting it (and defending it) with such confidence.
  5. Don't start scars treatment untill acne is under control. If there is a lot of it indeed, take accutane. If it is milder, your doctor will make for you use a combination of the following: benzoyl peroxyde, topical antibiotics, topical retinoids, maybe azelaic acid. #kelly jones You clearly have no idea about evidence-based medicine. Please stop misinforming people who have real problems.
  6. One note only, my random scarring began probably as a result of subscision. so, I advise you to stay away from it for as long as you deal with this problem. Robertitoo's theory has some merit imo. I know (at least for myself) that this condition affects previously scarred tissue the most. But I hardly believe that the cause is just the physical damage, there must be some sort of inflammation in progression (maybe elastolysis?) that has been triggered by it. If you are willing to search more
  7. Accutane. Nothing else before it. If you don't take it now, you will regret it.
  8. From greece mate. You need some serious self-improvement my friend. Don't join that group you mentioned. Your appearance is perfectly fine. Listen to me. You DO have something that affects your skin, but the overall damage is not worth the suffering you describe. Most people have some health issue that bothers us, yours is a MILD one. This condition can't be the excuse for a poor living. I would advise you for a course of corticosteroids in order to minimize possible existing inflammation,
  9. I am a medical student and I don't belive in ANY natural remedy. Don't loose hope, I deal with this disease with confidence and I bet my skin is way worse than yours. Where are you from? Do you have access to medication by yourself? btw I am not the person on the profile photo...
  10. I have the same problem as you guys. I went to a dermatologist and he didn't recognise my amvc scars, he thought they are just acne scars (I had severe ones before this new condition), along with rosacea, which is new for me too. After my being persistent, he did mention sarcoidosis, in which you need a skin biopsy to confirm. At that time I didn't want a new scar so I didn't have it. But I searched on the internet about cutaneous sarcoidosis and I found there is a type called scar sarcoidosis.
  11. Anything new guys? It seems to me that existing medical knowledge is poor. Any new personal experience? Anything, really! Even slight information could be helpful...
  12. We have many things in common. Whatever I put on my face irritates it right now, when some months ago (before the spontaneous scarring) did not. In fact, the oilier the product, the harsher is for me. I have examined many theories about what this is and how could be treated, but I have no conclusion yet. Right now I myself take accutane 40mg/d (I started it for my latest acne breakout which happened during this condition). It doesn't help with the scarring, but doesn't harm either. I suggest it
  13. I feel for you, because I have this condition myself (the spontaneous scarring). I haven't posted here before, because I I haven't found anything that helps, but if I do, i will post here straight away. I do believe that avoiding flushing, exposure to heat or stress, etc. slows down the progression though. I strongly recommend a low dose accutane course for your acne.