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  1. hello. im desperate, i have a cyst just above my nose and i would like to get it injected. if i was at home in Canada, i would get it injected right away at the derm. but here in france,im here until May next year no derm seems to know what cortisone injection is! is this method just used in north america??? thank you to whoever has some advice foe me...
  2. hi Tsunami. i'm just worried that 2% might be too drying for certain parts of my skin. anyway..i'm just wondering, do you try to limit certain types of food for your skin? and how long before you started noticing improvement in your skin with paula's choice bha? did you go through purging?
  3. i'm sad to say this, but drinking 2-3 cups of green smoothies almost every day didn't help with my acne even little bit. i did this for 4 months straight. i always used either kale, spinach, or romaine lettuce. but i do believe that cutting down on my sugar intake does have some effect on my acne.
  4. salicylic acid it has helped greatly with my skin. i almost never get those big, inflamed painful pimples anymore.
  5. i used to get EXACTLY the same thing on my nose. i once had 2 at the same time. it took almost 2 months to go away. and i got a new one again few months later. i got cortisone shot for that. i think shot is the best option. mine completely went away in about 3 days. i haven't got any of that in over half a year...and i attribute it to my new skincare that includes PC's BHA and retisol-a. i hope you'd be able to get the cortisone shot. i know how that can affect one's self-esteem.
  6. hi Tsunami. thank you for creating this thread, i find it very informative anyway..i'm just wondering about Paula's BHA. right now, i use her 1% gel. i ordered her 2% gel recently. i usually just get pimpels on my t-zone. what i want to ask you to since my cheeks and forehead have been doing great with 1%, should i just apply 2% to my t-zone only and the rest stay with 1%?
  7. hello! i just have a very small question. is it for certain (scientifically proven) that our skin can't become immune/get used to BHA and retinols and thus stop working?
  8. okay. i've finished school for now...work just 3 days a week (boss won't give me more hours). what can i do to fill the rest of the time?? at home or outside. what do you do to keep yourselves from becoming bored to death???
  9. It would be fine to use an AHA cleanser containing bead-like particles because you wouldn't really be getting that much (if any) benefit from the AHA in the cleanser since it would be rinsed off almost right away, so you really wouldn't be risking over-exfoliation of the skin. I personally wouldn't use the Aveeno Skin Brightening Daily Scrub at the same time as the Paula's Choice, or at least not as a daily part of a regimen because that could be too irritating. If you want to use a scrub, I t
  10. Hi there, You can use apply the liquid with your fingertips or with a cotton pad/square/round (I prefer these to cotton balls, which absorb too much product). It really just depends on your personal prefference. I personally wouldn't use the Neostrata product because it lists alcohol denat as the second ingredient, causing unnecessary irritation. There are other 8% glyolic acid products which I'm guessing are much less expensive and don't contain problematic concentrations of unnecessary ski
  11. hello SQ! i've decided to try PC 2% BHA liquid because i've been using 1% gel for 2 months now and i'm still breaking out i'm just wondering how do you apply it to your face? do you use finger or cotton ball? also...i went to a derm and he gave me 8% glycolic acid toning solution by neostrata mixed with 2% clindamycin. does the ingredient list look good? Water (Aqua), Alcohol denat., Glycolic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Ammonium Hydroxide, Polyquaternium-10, Chlorhexidine Digluconate, Polysorba
  12. hi LQ i'm still breaking out since i still have a lot of 1% gel left, i thought i'd try applying it morning and evening instead of just evening. do you think that could improve my skin? it's been almost 2 months now. if not..i think i'd try the 2%.
  13. i may have had some irritation..i noticed that after couple days of application, several bumps have appeared on my chin that looked like they were about to become pimple inflamed pimples (few of them did). i'll attach a pic here so you can see what i mean (the left side of my chin) it's less noticeable in picture. hmmm...what about i stick to 1% BHA once every other night, but use manual scrub on alternating nights? i notice that my chin always looks like it has lots of dust stuck on it.