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  1. Im 18 and have just finished my THIRD round of roaccutane with very long periods.

    First round - 9 months

    Second round - 11 months

    Third round - 12 months

    The doses were around average for my weight (73kg, was on 40-60mg/day). My dad is on a low dosage for life because of his cystic acne and it keeps it his under control. My acne was not terrible, just very persistent and each one lasted for weeks at a time. Everytime my skin has been perfect at the end of the cycle and was usually fine for a few months but then sloooowlly creeped back.

    I hope the last round lasted long enough to ride out most of my hormonal fluxes haha =)

    Good luck to everyone, but this has just been my experience.

  2. You zip file isn't a zip file at all. That's why nobody can open it.

    I pulled it up in a hex editor (or you can just open the .zip in notepad) and you'll see 'GIF89a' at the very start of the file.

    Open the .zip file in MSPAINT or anything else that can open .gif files and it's an image containing the text 'image awaiting approval'.

  3. unzip it first and run it, then enter how long your going to be on accutane for, or how long you think, then the amount of pills you take a day for eg. 2 x 20mg you would put 40mg in the dose per day.. and then enter your weight in KG or LB in the provided text boxes.. and click calculate... it will tell you your current CD and what the recommended maximum and minimum is..

    hope that helped

  4. Hey everyone, ive been on these forums for a long time now but i just have never really posted..

    i always come here to check whats up and i thought since i havnt done anything for the community and its done so much for me... here is a little program i just whiped up to hopefully make it a little easier to calculate Cumulative Doses...


    Hey everyone, sorry i was having trouble with this sites uploading features... but here you go


    just follow the links and download it and you can calculate your doseage at the moment, the minimum recommended dose and the maximum recommended dose... i hope this helps somone..

  5. Havn't updated in a while. It's now mid week 2 so like... around day 16 lots has happend.

    Day 4 - 16

    Side effects experienced:

    - Dry lips (a lot worse than before)

    - BACK BAIN - now almost non existant though

    - Easy to sleep, sometimes feel slightly tired

    - Eyes have recently gotten a tiny bit dry, but nothing thats intolerable


    - Was almost clear at a stage

    - Worsened

    - Takes a while for scabs to heal

    - Fragile Skin (Dont pop!)

    - Peel alot

    - Slowly getting better

    And yeah that's about it :) i just want to keep this journal short and succint so i guess im doing it hahah

  6. Sorry i havn't updated it, had some sport in the arvo and then had to do homework

    Day Three:

    • Breaking out a little bit
    • Dry lips

    Day Four

    • Dry lips - If i dont have my carmex my lips sort of burn...
    • Breaking out, cyst on my eyebrow and getting pretty bad around my mouth =(
    • Quite a bit less oil (already?)

    Some parts of my face are mega smooth while others just feel like crap basically lol... well that's it so yah.. lataz =D

  7. Day One:

    Side Effects:

    • VERY minor headache

    Day Two:

    Side Effects:

    • VERY minor headache
    • Just a little bit dizzy

    Of course, like alot of other people, because im on accutane now any and every side effect i get from now to the end of my course i will originally blame on the drug. I will try my best to weed out the ones that are probably not caused by it

  8. sorry guys! I know i saw it the other day but like i said, i just cant find it.. i even looked in the FAQ.

    Im going on tane in about a week but he didnt say what my dose would be, all he said is it depends on my weight

    at around 65kg i think thats 143lbs what would my cumalative (Sp?) dose be?

    or even you dont have to work it out for me maybe just give me the formula.. :)


  9. WOOHOO! i just came back from the derm and he said hes going to put me on a 6-9 month course or Oratane.. i think that's what its called? man im so glad i was staying up all the night before of thinking how i can convince him but when i walked into his office he had all these "Study Shows Accutane Doesn't Influence Depression" and all these other Accutane things here and there so i knew it wouldn't be hard :D

    getting my blood test done tomorrow and actually starting in a week and 3 days... so in two mondays.. kinda long but hey im so happy! haha that is all... just needed to share that :) oh and i would like to thank everyone who is in this community because i would have never known about it if this site didnt exist!

  10. I saw a post like this earlier but im not sure where it went so sorry for making a new one.

    i started getting acne about 2 years ago and im now 15, since then i went to the doctor and he prescriped me

    Eryacne spot treatment, differin and doxycycline

    after being on that for about a year it suddenly stopped working and he then put me on keflex (something like that)

    it didnt work at all so he sent me to a derm.

    while waiting for my derm appointment we went to another GP that specialised in skin but wasnt yet a derm. He put me through a series of blue light treatments and erythromycin aswell as differin. but reccomended that i go to a derm aswell.

    so my derm appointment is about a month away and i would REALLY like to get on tane even though my acne isnt nearly as bad as some on this site i just cant really stand it. my dad is on roaccutane for life (10 mg a day) but has it in cycles so he can give his body a break. Im not sure what his condition is though.

    My specialising GP wrote a referrial to give me accutane but the thing is. Differin and erythromycine have been working quite well reducing the amount of acne by about 70% or so.. so im just worried that i might not get the accutane when the time comes.

    Do you think with the refferal note and my dads acne history that it will be enough to get accutane even if i have relatively clear skin?

    Im sorry for the long post though :) thanks for reading.