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  1. at the health food store in my city it is 26.99 canadian for 60 softgels i think.. not sure that might be for 120. is it worth getting?
  2. sulfur is really awesome stuff. use it as a mask at night and its so good
  3. Yeah. Eventually you lower the dosage. come on man.
  4. sulfur pretty much rules. its way better on the look of your face. the redness goes waaaay down. the last month i have been using the clearasil stuff. you can actually get 3% sulfur too by the way. thats what i have been using. then there is the 8% which i bought now and will be trying that too. the stuff is super cheap to and seems to be working wonders. just using it at night.
  5. anyone have experience with the acne miracle powder? it has pantethine, pantothenic and zince. check it out...
  6. anyone tried this stuff? acne miracle. can anyone tell me anything about the ingredients? is this better than the vitacure stuff? thanks.
  7. i'm trying it also. i have only been using it for a few days. hopefully good results appear!
  8. welll i found some sulfur stuff at the store. clearasil cream. 3% though. its awesome already thoguh i think. i am going to use it instead of bp.
  9. awesome awesome. i should be receiving mine soon. anyone checked into this acne miracle anyone?