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  1. Hi, I'm an 18 year old girl who's been suffering from acne since I was 12, it started out really mild and progressed toward moderate. I tried most topicals but I have given up on all of them, they are useless for me, all they did was irritate and aggravate the problem. I took accutane when I was 15 for 3 months on a high dosage for my weight and had no problems, I was clear for about a couple of years (I have no scarring). When I was turning 17 I started taking birth control and it made me brea
  2. I tend to avoid red shirts if I have a breakout and other bright colors, like orange, bright pink... I usually head for green or brown as they're more neutral, black's also safe. But most of the time I just forget about my face and just wear whatever feels right that day, regardless of the color.
  3. I know you can get tests done to find out the levels of certain hormones in your bloodstream (my gynaecologist offered it as an option) but you'd have to ask insistently for them, if you really want to know if your hormones are more to blame than other factors. I'm not sure which hormones they test for, but doctors would know.
  4. Oh if skating's you then definitely go for it, but you mean rollerblading? I rollerblade practically every day, now that I'm done with high school I try to. I manage to get at least 30-60 minutes of physical activity and I must say, I think it has helped to lower my stress levels a great deal. Stress can aggravate acne, so try to unwind once in a while. I have also seen that chocolate really doesn't worsen MY acne, as I am eating it quite regularly and so far I haven't had breakouts. I should po
  5. I just wanted to say Pantene is a pretty harsh shampoo since it contains the harshest detergents allowed to 'wash' your hair, and it gave me a flaky scalp for that reason, so it may work for you but some people might have a sensitive scalp.
  6. Finally! Someone who uses it, I thought I was the only one who did at least around here xD. (I live in Spain btw, so I have no idea where it's commercialized apart from here). I've only used the cream and I used it half a year ago when I was taking Suavuret, a brand of birth control pills and it helped a lot, my acne was mild/moderate. My skin was much smoother, looked better in general... Now I've started using it again since a couple of weeks ago because I'm on another type of birth control an
  7. Girls get it less than guys because testosterone is linked to be the main cause of acne in guys. Some girls have testosterone to a certain extent which makes them break out too, that's why there are certain birth control pills which block testosterone production. Also, white people 'tend' to get more because supposedly, our current diet(s) is/are filled with carbohydrates and too much starch which our body sometimes can't handle too well. Some people don't tolerate lactose (in dairy) and makes t
  8. Aloe vera isn't harsh at all, it's so good for your skin. It's a moisturizer and has vitamins and lots of properties (but it won't make you break out, in fact it is said to improve acne and red marks). I know this from experience, I used 100% aloe vera (only that) and it worked great but after a while I get tired of using a product and I try others. It won't harm your skin, don't worry. Just apply it in a moderate amount after washing your face, I'd recommend applying a bit all over your face. G
  9. Morning: - Avène soapless gel cleanser with ice cold water - Normaderm cream (Vichy) --> supposed to reduce oil, red spots, small pimples... I used this before and I've started using it again (I've been doing the Pure Zone regimen until 2 weeks or so ago) Night -same as morning I try not to put warm water to my face, it only makes it worse, I never look at my face up close in the mirror (I'm always minimum 3 m/approx. 10 ft. away), nor touch my face... since a year ago. I'm 17 and
  10. L'Oreal's Pure Zone line. (except the cleanser) I used Differin but didn't help.
  11. I've been using L'Oreal Pure Zone Steps 2 and 3 for a bit less than a couple of weeks now (it has 2% SA) and it started working from Day 1. My face is almost clear, my skin is very smooth and small red marks are fading. It hasn't irritated my skin at all.
  12. First of all, congrats on resolving to change your diet to improve your skin! I've tried hard and I'll usually stick to it, but after a while I don't care anymore. There is one thing I steer clear of though, and that is potatoes, when I eat some the next day I wake up to a couple of pimples. It's the only thing I've noticed breaks me out. I once read about a study that stated that starchy foods may worsen or not be beneficial to skin, they saw how a tribe somewhere (I think it was Papua New G
  13. Worked: -L'Oreal's Pure Zone line, but only the toner and moisturizer; I stay away from scrubs (as the cleanser is basically a scrub) and I use and thermal water gel cleanser (Avene) -Accutane - even if it's a prescription treatment (acne came back mildly when going on birth control) -Jojoba toner (The Body Shop) -Gentle face wipes (almost any brand, I've used L'oreal and Yves Rocher) -Pure Aloe Vera gel Never worked(for me): -On the spot treatments -C&C anything -Blotting paper n