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  1. I used that for about a month or so... and saw great results for like the first week or so but then my face got alot worse so then i stumbled upon this website and tried the CSR... and that's not working too well for me. I've heard that Proactiv is good until your skin develops a tolerance for it and no longer works... goodluck to you though!
  2. Just curious for the author... when you get your 2-3 zits popping up.. is it only during that one time of the month or is it a weekly thing? I'm tempted to try your simple regimen.
  3. I went to a Dermatologist once during high school and he recommended I use Dove soap or Cetaphil because they're both gentle - he had prescribed two different topical meds but they didnt really work that well and I didnt want to bother going back but I've tried everything out there - even the BP and was still tired of week after week of acne so now I'm trying Dove bar soap in hopes it'll clear up my skin - I don't want to be addicted to BP all my life. For anyone who uses Dove - do you use an
  4. Thanks Lionqueen, I suppose you're right. You read so many posts and it's hard to know what's right from wrong and I thought I saw that using the ice method 'brought stuff to the surface' but i guess that doesnt apply to blackheads. Guess I'll go back to perusing the blackhead forums.
  5. I just started using ice (3-4 minutes after cleansing) where I've had breakouts - so only on the cheek areas right next to my chin. I was wondering if using ice would help for the blackheads on my nose. I first got the ice idea by reading a thread on one of these message boards - one person quoted Dr. Fulton (co-developer of Retin-A and topical benzoyl peroxide),
  6. im just trying the ice plan and so far so good. and just thought I'd comment about the frostbite issue... when I had my wisdom teeth removed I had icepacks on my cheeks for 20 minutes at a time to reduce the swelling and i never got frostbite.
  7. i usually rub it all over the area, and if you want to make sure you have enough you can always reapply, but i've never left a glob of cream on my face
  8. My mom recently bought me a little bottle of Facial Refining Elixir from "Body Bistro". It says "Orange + Lavendar" on the bottle. I've been wanting to try it out but I just started on the BP regimen and I'm unsure when I should use it (eg. after washing my face but before applying BP or after putting on the BP). This is what their website says about it: