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  1. GracefulCoast

    Good so far!

    Good so far!

    I only started taking this a few days ago. I got off birth control and my skin got really bad like it was years and years ago. Hormonal cysts and bumps all over my chin and jawline, and this time I was breaking out on my back and chest which I never had before. I was skeptical of this product because a lot of the amazon reviews look fake but I can already tell it's working. My current acne is healing very quickly, including the big cysts and small bumps and I haven't had anything new come up. I
  2. Helpful but not for me

    After basically a decade of horrible acne and trying EVERY product I could get my hands on, I finally had my skin crystal clear, then I went off birth control pills and it was horrible again! I tried DIM for a little over a month hoping to level my hormones. Taking 2 pills per day, my skin was starting to look better but I realized it was making my period very irregular- I was just spotting instead of ever getting a period (pregnancy scare!). I cut my DIM dose and my period went almost immediate
  3. GracefulCoast



    I've been using the regimen for over a year now. It's a big hassle to do all the steps twice a day but I could NEVER LIVE WITHOUT IT!! Seriously. I've had hormonal acne for over a decade and this is such a mild solution compared to scary treatments like accutane or lifelong antibiotics, and no prescription or doctor's visits required. I feel disappointed when I look at pictures of myself before I started using the regimen, I wish I would have started it so much sooner. Also I've come to find the
  4. Hey girls! I've been taking spiro for about 8 months and I know all those side effects are crazy. I started the acne.org regimen in hopes to switch off spiro but I just can't bring myself to do it! My doctors say that I don't have PCOS but spiro was the only thing that ever cleared up my skin, not completely but made such a huge huge difference. I have taken 25 mg the whole time, and doubted it a lot. I got very emotional and moody, dizzy, tired, so much hair loss, gained some weight in my thigh
  5. I have had terrible derm experiences too! For years I went to different dermatologists and in hindsight, after all the bills and appointments and prescriptions and bullshit, I was able to teach myself and eventually help myself much better than they ever did. The thing I'm most pissed about is that when I was in high school my derm put me on antibiotics for like 3 years and to this day I have to take a probiotic pill every morning. It really messed me up... None of them care to mention side effe
  6. I had something very much like this and my derm explained it to me but I totally forgot what he said. Basically it was no big deal at all but he had to put a tiny incision in it to get rid of it. It took less than 5 minutes. All I remember was I laughed when he billed my insurance for "minor acne related surgery". Don't mess with it if possible just go see your derm.
  7. I started the regimen about a week and a half ago, and I am taking spironolactone. Some ppl say that spiro can cause zits to basically harden so that when you pop it, not much comes out except a little hard white thing. I have those ALL over my face, whether it's an actual zit or just a tiny bump, those hard white things are in most of my pores. I find that with a zit if I don't get this thing out, it will just keep coming back until I do. However with the regimen I've been careful not to touch
  8. I was just writing in another thread about how long term use of antibiotics is a really scary thing. You should google it. Also remember that antibiotics can get rid of your acne if you choose to increase the dose, but you can become tolerant to it and it will be less and less effective over time. Overall it's just masking the problem really, not fixing it, but obviously acne sucks so it's just stuff you should consider.
  9. I'm still working on my acne myself but from personal experience, be careful with antibiotics. On a long term basis they can do a lot of harm to your body. I took them for years in high school. If you don't know about it, you should look into it... Also many people will tell you that diet and exercise is very important, but don't stress yourself looking too far into it. Eating and living healthy are obviously important and should definitely be done for overall health, but it won't make or break