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  1. So...this isn't going to be the peppiest entry in the world due to my discouragement at the moment. I know I'm not even close to the 3 month marker yet, but I guess I foolishly hoped that I would be pretty far along three weeks in, far enough along to be comfortable looking at my face in the mirror in full light again. No dice. I know my skin is improving, but I can't seem to help feeling horribly disfigured, ugly, unwanted, etc. because I'm not yet where I want to be. Ughhhh. The good: I
  2. Not much to update on today, but it's nearly *that* time of the month and I want to make sure I get something on here describing how my treatment is working while my hormones are going nuts. The good: Thankfully, my skin is keeping its new smooth, even texture even though I'm grappling with PMS. I was worried I'd see a reversion to the bumpy/oily/gross mess it was before. No moderate to severe discoloration anywhere...still. My skin looks a bit more flushed than usual when I have my
  3. DAY EIGHT I've needed to modify my skin care routine to suit my treatment. Instead of using aloe vera gel/jojoba oil as a moisturizer, I'm now using CeraVe AM and PM exclusively. CeraVe seems to be a lot more nourishing to my parched, peeling skin than the gel/oil combination, and I seem to be tolerating it well (no additional outbreaks since making the switch so far). I also forgot to mention in my original post that I take 50mg and something like 1000mg of fish oil a day - I don't actually
  4. DAY FOUR From now on, I'll probably be providing updates in a bullet point format. For some reason, that's a lot easier for me to do than full, coherent paragraphs. Please feel free to send me a private message if you have any questions! The good: My skin does feel noticeably smoother since I started treatment last Friday. I obviously still have active lesions and clogged pores, but the general texture of my skin is no longer bumpy and gross all over the place. I usually get at leas
  5. Once, as a teenager working at Dairy Queen, my coworkers all started a conversation about how disgusting it is when people with large whiteheads come through the drive through. One of the girls (of course she had flawless skin) kept talking about how she just wanted to reach through the window and pop the zits for the customers...everyone was staring at me the whole time, it was really humiliating. I immediately ran to the bathroom to check my face for whiteheads.
  6. I'm a 24 year old woman and I would be more than happy to date someone with acne of any degree of severity. Obviously, I would still need to be physically attracted to the person in general, but acne wouldn't dissuade me in the least. I actually think it would be something over which to bond if the other person were to be as self-conscious as I am...and if they turned out to be completely fine with their skin and not bothered at all, they'd be a good role model. Long term relationships aren't
  7. As this is my first time ever using prescription treatment for my mild/moderate acne, I thought it would be a good idea to document progress for myself and anyone else who may be interested. Some background information about me: 24 year old white female residing in the Midwest Acne sufferer for 13-14 years - primarily open and closed comedones with some pustules and even cysts occasionally Oily skin that's recently been drying out, not sure if this is the BCP, diet change, col
  8. I relate so much to the moisturizer struggle. I also wear makeup, and finding something that plays nicely with my skin AND my makeup has been just about impossible for me. I've honestly found that my skin seems to stay a bit cleaner without a moisturizer even though I know it needs one. I have oily/combination skin in addition to being acne prone, and my friend with a similar skin type just recommended that I try MAC's Complete Comfort Creme. She swears by it so I'm hoping I can see some positiv
  9. First post! I have a similar problem with acne around my mouth, and while obviously I'm new here and desperately in need of advice myself here are a few suggestions to avoid aggravating it/making it worse: 1) Avoid greasy/sticky foods, or eat them very carefully with a ton of napkins available. I've noticed that when I'm messily eating something like pizza or wings I tend to get a ton of little blackheads and/or whiteheads all around my mouth, which as you know is a horrible feeling. 2) E