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  1. So I’ve struggled with acne all my life but after accutane my acne cleared up and only got the odd few spots here and there (nothing crazy) then a couple of days ago out the blue my chin started to go crazy? I don’t know what this is, or what’s causing it. I changed my cleanser to the Botanincal Lab. clay mask and a nip and fab moisturiser and wasn’t sure if that’s what’s caused it? Is this this an example of purging? Whiteheads? Balckheads? I really don’t know! If anyone could offer ad
  2. Really doesn't do anything at all

    I've tried 100% aloe Vera gel so so many times as it has such high reviews and many people reccommend it. However it's never done anything at all for my skin, if anything made it worse
  3. Works utterly amazing with honey!!!!

    Okay so I've never posted a review for anything in my life but I simply had to for this. I've suffered from acne for multiple years and absolutely never found something that I can honestly say works. I've spent hundreds of pounds on all sorts of skin products over the years to combat my acne (I get it mostly around mouth area and cheeks) but nothing has ever wowed me as much as sea salt. when I was on holiday my acne was at its worst because it was so hot and I was sweating, every day fresh sore