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  1. Does anyone else accidentally take scabs off? Ill itch my eyebrow and a small black scab will fall right off. I didn't even touch it! Also when I take a shower I always manage to open a big pimple on my forehead. I try to keep water away from it too but most of the time it manages to open and then the healing process has to start all over again im sure it leaves red marks too
  2. I've asked this before but with no response, would smoothbeam or any other lazer help for red marks?
  3. I see all these claims of improvements blah blah blah Why not whoop out the digi cam and take some pics of the improvements? Or do people take pics and I just miss them? I know if I found a product that fixed scars/red marks/ acne i would most certainly post pics of how well it worked... as opposed to just saying HEY IT WORKED!! YAYA!!!!!
  4. i've used vinegar last 2 nights and its lightened my face up a bit. Strangely my forehead squint line is fading too.. But i get some blackheads.
  5. Is Smoothbeam effective on red marks?
  6. i tried the C&C gel last few days and it isnt drying my skin. weird.
  7. what about Glycolic Gel? I got some 10%, should I try it tonite? Whats downtime for glycolic?
  8. Total Skin Care Glycolic Gel A combination of 10% Glycolic Acid, pH 2.2 and 3% Algae Peptides in a glycerin-rich gel Alpha Hydrox Fade Cream Contains 10% pure Glycolic-AHA. Active Ingredients: Hydroquinone 2% (purpose: skin bleaching) I'm going to try these 2 over spring break. Any advice/suggestions? Im not too sure about the Fade Cream but I guess ill try it. The Glycol Gel is what interests me, you think it will help with my red marks?
  9. Thanks for the response Maya. I think I'm going to go with the lemon juice and vinegar method for a while and see how that goes. I geuss some peels would be too harsh, wouldn't want to hurt anything. Ill also look into Mandelic Acid Serum. Sounds interesting. And the funny thing is, during the summer when I was working outside 5 days a week and eating junkfood and not treating my body right..... these red marks didn't show up. Only around the time school started did they su
  10. and for refference here is my forehead in July.... maybe one or two acne spots, i would trade it all for this forehead again.
  11. Those are zoom ins of my forehead without stretching it. I'm only 17 and im sure I will get people who will say "But they will go away in a year or 6 months!" I've had these since the start of school and they are not showing any signs of going away. Sometimes they look ok after a shower or something, but at the end of the day they are noticeable. Your face is the first person someone sees and im tired of having little red blotches all over my forehead that looks like i have acne sc
  12. I drank my 8 glasses of lemon juice today and applied some dilluted vinegar to my forehead. Hopefully tommorow morning it will be better. I dont think i put enough on though.
  13. I'm going to start drinking Lemon juice tonite. Just add half a teaspoon of lemon juice to a glass of water? and also with the vinegar I geuss im just gonna dillute it a bit and rub it on with cotton balls?