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  1. Hi CatBinc, First of all, I'm sorry that you are finding your situation difficult. I wish your doctor was more understanding. Have you considered getting referred to another doctor? A naturopathic doctor might also be a good idea. I don't have much money either, but I reached the point where I would do anything for clear skin. It brings your stress levels down soooo much when you know you're in the hands of a professional. The bill wasn't as expensive as I thought, it actually helped me save mo
  2. Hi all! I just started taking i3c (precursor to DIM) and Vitex as directed by my naturopath. It has been a week since I started taking them, but my skin is resembling the condition a week before my period (when progesterone is the highest). No cysts. Just some bumps on my forehead and a few white heads on my chin, and nose. Nothing on my cheeks and jawline (knock on wood). Has anyone experienced an initial breakout or purge period? How long does it take to get over it? I did a hormone test
  3. Hi ALL! So I went to a naturopath Dr on Tuesday, and also consulted a nutritionist on Wednesday. The nutritionist had answered all my food questions like "should I eat whole grains even if they contain phytic acid?" and helped me with my food paranoia I will break this report into two parts: 1) Naturopathic Doctor consultation 2) Nutritionist consultation The consultation with the Naruropathic doctor I came into Dr. Natalie's office to first start off with various physical exams, which i
  4. Hi SkinDeeply I read your profile and noticed you're into this stuff too! What kin of masters do you have? I'm currently thinking that I should get a certificate as a nutritional counselor and then work my way into naturopathy, but the tuition is crazy expensive here in Canada as naturupath programs are not supported by the government :S I wish the government can reconsider their use of funding.... Hi everyone! Glad to see this forum is still active! I've been busy running around doing e
  5. H Hey Esney3, I love watching TED talks too so I would definitely check in with Dr. Kenyon. I went to a naturopath yesterday and she told me that you need cholesterol in order to produce hormones, so a low fat diet, I thought, would be the opposite of what we want? Can you detail it for me? Cheers, Hannah By the way I started a post on my visit to the naturopath as well as some supplements, possible causes of acne and suggestions given here:
  6. Hi All! I went to a naturopath for my hormonal acne yesterday. It was something I was considering for a long time, but really hesitated to go since the treatments are not covered by insurance, and there are plenty of useful information on the internet. However, I decided to go because: 1. I wanted to be under the guidance of a professional I knew DIM and Vitex were good for hormonal acne, and it worked for many people, BUT I didn't know if it will work for me. Vitex increases progesterone pr
  7. Hi All, Thanks for dropping by. Can some one tell me what it estrogen dominance and the theory behind it? I know that it's a condition where a woman has an imbalance in her estrogen to progesterone ratio, with estrogen being too high (or progesterone being too low), which contributes to acne and an array of PMS. HOWEVER the part I don't get is that, I thought high progesterone gives you more sebum thus more acne, not low. And I've read many scientific papers that high estrogen is good f
  8. What foods have you been replacing sugar and dairy with? Are you consuming more carbohydrates or fatty foods? Perhaps it's due to elevated stress, OR the frequency of your breakouts haven't changed however because you're on a diet you're spending more time examining yourself and thus became sensitive to changes in skin? I feel you! I know it's hard, but you are going to be happy in the near future! Keep me updated
  9. Hi All! So excited to see some replies I began modifying my diet around 3 years ago. First I went to see a lady who gave food sensitivity diagnosis via vega machines at her home. So I started eliminating dairy, red meat, and some processed carbs under her instructions. It cleared up my skin about 30%, but I still got random pastules and my cysts weren't taken care of. Next my mom suggested eliminating all dietary fats except for fish and flax seed (b/c of omega 3). That made me vegan + unable
  10. That is the exact experience I'm talking about! This is when acne really limits lives. Right now I'm breaking out almost every single day, which is a great deal for someone who's got it under control for a few months. I think I'm going mental too. My therapist says that we should work on cultivating self-worth, and find some positive characteristics that are not tied to appearance so every time I break out it won't "threat" my self worth. But when we live in a society wh
  11. Hi all and thanks for dropping by, So recently I've been seeing a therapist regarding my body image issues specifically related to my complexion. It has come to the point that I am house bound, socially anxious and unable to go to school due to my acne. I attached photos of my skin before and after treatment. Antibiotics and topicals made my acne worse so I turned to diet, natural topicals and supplements. It took about a year and a half to rid of all the "major" acne scars I
  12. Wow! I can't believe I'm actually getting replies! This is amazing I don't know what diet I am on, I used to be on a paleo diet inspired by the whole 30 since July, but about a week ago my chin broke out in MASSIVE CYSTS so I stopped eating the free-range eggs and coconut products assuming that was what was causing it. I don't eat meat but I do eat a lot of fish, especially salmon. I basically eat a plate full of salad, some poached/raw salmon with the skin, an avocado and some sweet potato a
  13. Hi and Thank-you for dropping by, My name is Hannah, a 22 year old female looking for allies to support each other through our difficult journey in battling acne. I had acne since my teens, but got 90% clear through changes in diet and taking supplements. I've tried from paleo to low-fat vegan, and I am still looking for what works best for me and my life style. (Of course I don't neglect traditional medicine, I've experience great results from anti-biotic topicals and dan's regime) I