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  1. Just a little update.I stopped using the lamp with melanocyl ointment and had dry needling mca done 3 times.I have had even more improvment the colour is 99 percent back to previous hypopigmentation now.and it's staying permanently it tans normally aswell now
  2. OMG I can't belive you guys are still wasting your money on dr rawlings recell you guys must be rich or have money to burn.recel is a joke show us real results people you can't .hypopigmentation scarring that was reversed by recell or massively improved doesn't exist.
  3. Here is the full 2015 study showing recell and mktp dosent work for post hypopigmentation scarring Dr rawlings and khan along with all the others are sales men only
  4. Here is another study I found on recell aka mktp for hypopigmentation scarring
  5. There are so many study that show recell and mktp don't work for hypopigmentation scarring this is one of many most are on my thread
  6. I can clearly still see the hypopigmentation is still there just like your before pics sorry but there is no improvement.I wish people just listened to me and the member hope before doing this expensive 40 min procedure. let's see your pics .nobody ever comes back here to show there results in hypopigmentation. Because they never get results.initially hypopigmentation looks ever so slightly better when it's red and swollen. But when that goes down the white colourless scars show there ugly h
  7. Mktp is recell is the exact same procedure just cheaper.if you go to India it cost 100 pounds for the same treatment as recell in uk that cost 6000 pounds.recell and mktp are not very good.I posted all this study and info on mktp and recell in my thread.if you respond to recell or mktp the max results are up to 30% improvmet in hypopigmentation repigment.but most people don't respond. I was talking to alot of experts that do both procedures I fixed my massive hypopigmentation scar without was
  8. I can't get any more colour or improvment into the massive white scar.it's filled in now.and if I use the lamp anymore it's not improving.so I'm going to stop treating it now
  9. This thread is dead all recell threads die As nobody get results.recell is a scam it's common knolledge now
  10. I used the dermroller on the scar on my forehead only to try and induce pigment and flatten scar tissue.once a month the burn was from a 25 percent tca peel.it just wiped out all the pigment from my skin.I wouldn't advise anyone to do tca peels.