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  1. My skin is clear but I like to grow stubble quite often heh. I'm wondering does, not person to person specifically, but generally does growing out facial hair have any influence on acne? To me it seems wierd because most of the time I grow a short beard I dont break out but sometimes I might get a pimple there so I'm not sure if it's just coincidence or have anything to do with the facial hair? Shouldnt the hairs let the oil travel out the pore easier since it goes down the hair shaft so less po
  2. dude dont use cleansing bars as lather sheesh. I dont know why people are doing this just because Dan said it it severly will dry your skin out if you leave that stuff on ur skin for that long. You are supposed to cleanse for 10 seconds and be done not leave it for 2 minutes while you shave slowly. Use a gel based shaving cream (NOT cream, those clog pores) and itll be much easier on the skin and you wont get irritation.
  3. It's probably the best moisturizer, not to mention the best AHA I've used. It has a SPF15 version but its so ridiculously greasy dont even bother. The Night version of this Healthy Skin moisturizer is great. I began breaking out on my forehead badly and after about 3 months of using this stuff my forehead has no marks nad the skin is smooth as hell (I dont scar from acne). It has dramatically improved my skin tone, evened it out, and has reduced acne to a zip. If you want a good AHA lotion try t
  4. oh noooononono i used it a long time ago its the thickest moisturizer ever its like, toothpaste thick lol, clogs pores, dont use it
  5. the only reason i even care about the oil is because its the number 1 source of my acne right now. I used to be oily on the cheeks and had breakouts on my cheeks, now i have normal skin on cheeks havent had a breakout there in months. But oily forehead is where they breakout now lol. if the oil didnt cause this acne i wouldnt particularly care lol
  6. I'm pretty sure it's not the moisturizers because right after I apply them and for a good hour or so my skin is completely matte. So I know its not just moisutrizer greasiness since my skin right after applying is matte. But after a few hours it gets oily. :\ Besides I use a AHA moisturizer and it has GREATLY helped my skin tone and acne problem so I cannot stop using it because its helped so much blah
  7. I used to have slightly oily cheeks and a perfect forehead. No spots or zits it was clean and clear on my forehead but I had some on my cheeks cuz they were oily. Now for some reason it has completely switched my forehead is extremely oily and now I get breakouts but my cheeks are normal and no breakouts there anymore and no spots at all. My question is, I've heard that taking really hot showers will dry and irritate your skin out, making oily skin even oilier. So I havent stopped taking hot sh
  8. theres no alpha hydroxy in it. PERIOD.
  9. AHA is alpha hydroxy acid, which is either glycolic or lactic acid (thers a third one i forget it). These acids gently exfoliate the skin, ridding it of dead skin cells that clog pores and cause acne. Not only does it fade red marks but its quite benefitial for acne.
  10. well then if a bp cleanser was doing nothing I can rest assure it was the glycolic acid moisturizer. Which means I got results without the BP, so I'm hoping I'll try this SA scrub. Because BP for me just makes breakouts stay foreverrrrr and spots too because of the free radicals it creates in the skin which I read slows the healing process.
  11. Well intitally I started to do jessfoliation. After about a month I started gettin bad breakouts on my forehead and some on the lower face. So I retreated back to using a BP cream cleanser (which I always used but never got full results or extatic results) and began using Neutrogena Healthy Skin lotion without the SPF, the night stuff. I got ridiculous clearing on my forehead but like I said I don't think it's the BP since I've used that same product before without such results. So that's why I
  12. I've been using a BP + glycolic acid combination. And to me it seems most of the clearing that happened was due to the glycolic acid moisturizer that I used because I've used the same BP product before and never got this kind of clearing. So in the end, I haven't cleared up yet I still get breakouts but it seems to me that when I used the BP it makes some breakouts stay foreevvverrrrrrrrrr, and the redmarks stay forever toooo. So I read somewhere online that using a salicylic/glycolic acid combi
  13. any kind of oil makes oily skin oiler. any kind of oil clogs pores and causes breakouts, try rubbing tanning oil on your face, ur fucked.
  14. Hot steam opens up the pores, the heat makes ur face sweat, and sweating naturally pushes out toxins from within your pores, after doign this of course wash your face to get the sweat off.
  15. Ever since I've started shaving with a razor instead of electric I haven't ever gotten a zit in the lower part of my face. Primarily because shaving exfoliates the skin. I use the new fusion 5 bladed, I shave with the grain and I never get ingrown hairs zits or irritation ever.
  16. wishful thinking unfortunately its just not true there's a thing called the halo-effect, read up on it on google itll tell u how much appearance is connected to how people view u and treat you. it says how when someone sees a good looking person they automatically assign favorable traits to that person without even knowing them, thinkin oh he must be nice and smart and funny etc. read up on it, its interesting and a proven fact. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halo_effect
  17. if u have a tendancey to get oily skin dont do it the heat will only make it oiler. its good for the pores but only if u have dry or normal skin.
  18. The towel thing. I don't even use towels anymore because they sit on the hanger all day collecting dirt n dust, its much like your pillow, all day dust and dirt, dont put your face on the pillow so dont put it on the towel lol. I just use paper towels since they are rolled together they dont collect dust.
  19. That guy doesn't know wut he's talkin about. Using it too often will dry out your skin? WHAT!? Washing your face too often dries out your skin, exposing your face to hot water dries out your skin, but using a moisturizer too often drying out your skin? NO WAY. This lotion contains glycolic acid which is by far the most effective moisturizing ingredient in any lotion. I read that with using glycolic acid twice a day on your face, in the first 4 weeks the moisture content in your skin increases by
  20. If you have an even beard there will be less acne in that area because the follicle has a long hair shaft which the oil from the pore can smoothly travel down without being clogged.
  21. when i tanned in the summer my acne went away, period. and no nothing was masked. I'd look at my face under bright bright bright light where the skin looks white no matter what and there were no pimples.
  22. Id love to help out on this post too lol but unfortunately I dont use the regimen. I don't like the white residue left from bp and don't like the idea of not being able to go swimming or wetting my face at all during the day because of 'wearing' the products. I don't happen to have alot of acne, but just enough to keep my on this site lol. sorry cant help on this one tho =\
  23. know these 3 things 1)SPF in moisturizers is what makes your skin shiny, there is a NIGHT version of that healthy skin lotion, I use it and I'm shine free. 2) Do not use 6-10 pumps, use 4 max for entire face, when you use too much alot is not absorbed and is left on your face clogging pores and that film is what makes u shiny. This is important to know, overmoisturizing causes clogged pores = acne. 3) Do not put your face under hot water, when in the shower keep your face away from it a
  24. Good... All the moisture and benzoyl peroxide that your skin needs should be inside your pores not sitting on your fade as a film, clogging pores. I make sure I splash my face multiple times a day to make sure no residue or film of moisturizer is sitting on my face. After I put it on I let it sit for a couple hours, ago about my business and then I splash during the day. It only takes about 15-20 min for everything to fully absorb, after that it's just dead weight on your face thats clogging por
  25. Just use an alpha hydroxy moisturizer. Itll do everything to exfoliate your skin better than a brush can, without the horrible rubbing irritation. A brush cannot get deep into the pore like a chemical compound can.