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  1. I ordered my sudocrem and currently waiting for it to arrive. I been reading lots of post about it's sort of hard to remove it in the morning. I know from experience that Cetaphil doesnt remove stuff you put on over(aka spot treating BP, and etc). Anybody got an idea of which cleanser would be best to remove the sudocrem W/O risking any chance of getting new acne!?
  2. I got a question for those who were successful fading red marks with sudcrem. I've noticed you guys reduced your DRK to once a day, do you guys get any breakouts from lack of BP? Also, do you guys just cleanse and moisturize in the mornings instead of the DKR? Final question is, do the red marks fade to a point where they become hardly noticeable? My red marks are the only prevention to truly having a clear skin!
  3. Real mav, how was your skin prior to using sudocrem? My skin is pretty clear except for red marks which makes it seem like i have a bad skin. I'm on the dkr but i would occasionally spot treat with 10% BP but that lead me to nothing but a definite redmark. =( I hope the sudocrem will clear the red marks that i have currently, which will be the final step for a REAL clear skin.
  4. I been on the DKR for about 8 weeks. While it has helped a bit on my acne, i still occasionally get a breakout or two. Sometimes it's a big one sometimes its small, but still get breakouts. That is not my main concern however. My main concern is the red marks that prevents me from looking in the mirror very often. I keep reading in the forums that BP itself slows the healing process and it also makes you more sensitive to sun light. If this is true, it makes total sense that it really does not d
  5. Yeah i'm on my 4-5th week i believe and believe me, i was one flaky some of a biotch. But through the difficult roller coaster ride of 2-3 pimples at a time i stuck through it and was very gentle with each applications. Hard work paid off as i have no flaking whats so ever, and my skin is wonderful. So bottom line, just stick with it
  6. So far the results have been okay, but it could always be better. But what really bothers me is how dry and SCALY i got after the cleansing. Its so dry and flaky after cleansing that it feels like part of a dead carcus or something. Although it gets a little better after BP and moisutrizer, it still flakes just a little maybe 5-6 hours later. But the crazy dryness after cleanising is unbearable and i have so much dead skin cells that i can practically scratch chunks off. Is this part of the regi
  7. Hey brandy, i read it that following the regimen PRECISELY is the best way to do it. I'm wondering if incorporating jojobal oil slows down the process to clear skin. I use it after cleansing the rest is the same. If i didnt use jojoba oil after cleansing and followed the regimen exactly, will i have faster/better result?
  8. I'm on day 16. So far i have 2 pimples on my left cheek and rest is pretty tiny and unnoticeable. Still gots couple red marks cant wait till im finally clear =(
  9. ahh thanks for the clarification bro. Really appreciated it
  10. I know following the regimen PRECISELY brings the fastest results. I have been adding the jojoba oil to my regimen before bp to help the flakes. My question is will jojoba oil slow/affect my process to clear skin and should i just not add anything till late later?
  11. i been on the regimen for about 3-4 weeks but on my 2nd week with Dan's bp. I been using NOTS 2 weeks prior to it. I recently switched to lac-hydrin to eliminate redmarks as well as to exfoliate dead skin cells. Wondering what is a good amount to use for the entire face
  12. The dead skin cells you mention is pretty common even to me. Try using Lac-hydrin 5 moisturizing lotion, it will exfoliate the dead skin cells and take care of dryness. It works very well for me
  13. I have been scrubbing my face hard with every cleanser i had aka proactiv, clean and clear and etc. It got rid of the deadskin and stuff like that. Ever since i started Dans regimen, being so gentle, i realized my skin has lot of dark dead skin cell stuck to my face that i know i can get rid of with exfoliation. I was wondering if anybody eles notice this and whats the solution to this w/o causing acne. thank you!
  14. I was wondering since i still see very little flakes after using jojoba before BP, wheter it would be TOO much jojoba oil if i add 3 more drops to my moisturizer. So 5-8 drops after cleansing before bp, and 3 more drops with the moisturizer too much jojoba? plz input
  15. Wow i can already see/feel the difference and the plus side of not having flakes. The skin is so much softer and the texture of my skin seems to even out tremendously. I recommend this for everyone !!!!