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  1. This really hits me. I've been suffering from severe acne for two years(with my whole face covered with it) and it completely changes me. I become very unsocial and much less talkative and can't hold up a conversation or have eye contact. Feeling suicidal or simply giving up on life is quite frequent. My boyfriend and my parents always reassure me that it's not too bad but whenever I look in the mirror I feel so depressed and disgusted. I'm trying to develop hobby such as programming to distract
  2. @Lore91 If you look at Lucas' and Alexander's other posts, they are basically all negative comments. Whenever someone makes positive posts or words of encouragement, they negate it by saying "there's no hope""it's not going to get better" blah blah blah. I consider myself a person that thinks too negatively/worry too much but I have found great support from this forum. Yes my acne is pretty bad but I decide to change my mindset. You have to realize that it's a waste of time and energy to argu
  3. Still breaking out-updated version

    Update on 26th Dec: It's almost been 6 months since I used this product. I would say it makes my skin more smooth and the new pimples are much smaller and go away fast. However, it somehow makes my skin red very easily and the hyper-pigmentation keeps emerging... I figure out that my acne is most likely hormonal, so I plan on going birth control. I still use this product (but with very little amount) whenever a few spots appear, as it definitely helps them go away faster. I als
  4. Hey guys I've been on differin 0.1 for about 9 weeks. currently on my 10th week. I definitely see improvements(would describe it as moderate progress). My old acne scars are fading away and the skin feels smoother. However I am still constantly experiencing breakouts, lots of whiteheads in previously clear area..... Gotta stick with it at least until week 12. Pimples are not the worst, acne red marks are.......
  5. Feels like Lucas is a troll, always post negative things on different threads. Dude if you are feeling so bad do not let your negativity contaminate other people's word of encouragement. Just because you feel bad doesn't mean other people have to