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  1. Achieved bronze poster!:Siava:

  2. You can find AHA's over the counter or you can go to your derm and get their opinion.
  3. AHA stands for Alpha hydroxy acid which chemically exfoliates the skin thus smoothing out skin texture, I use the Acne.org AHA which is 10% glycolic acid. More Information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alpha_hydroxy_acid http://www.acne.org/chemical-peels.html http://www.acne.org/glycolic-acid.html
  4. You can also order the Acne.org Products on amazon.
  5. @Kevin9k9 What is you daily skin care routine, do you just use a wash?
  6. @ultravi0lent I would recommend you incorporate AHA into your routine. AHA will increase cell turnover which helps to smooth out the texture on your face and give you skin a healthier glow. If you go to your derm appointment they will probably prescribe you a retinoid which should give you the results you want. Please Keep us updated.
  7. @MrMicrobiology I wound recommend you try the Acne.org regimen or find a gentler cleanser instead of using a scrub because it irritates the skin and can cause more acne. I would also recommend you add a treatment such as a benzoyl peroxide to your current routine.
  8. @VixenRogue You can decrease the amount of Benzoyl Peroxide that you are using and have you tried incorporating the Acne.org AHA+? It helps with flakiness and If you do use the AHA+ continue using sunscreen.
  9. I personally have naturally dry skin and the regimen had worked wonders on my skin. The regimen does cause dryness and flakiness which the Acne.org Moisturizer and incorporating the AHA has really helped with the dryness and flakiness and you can use a different moisturizer while on the regimen. I wouldn't recommend you use witch hazel just stick to the Acne.org products until your skin clears up and then slowly you can start to add other things into your skincare routine.
  10. The glycolic acid peel 30% should help the scars in your forehead but you might need to do a few before you see significant improvement.
  11. @Flossy_CarterIt looks like you have closed comedones and hyperpigmentation I would recommend you use AHA.
  12. @qveen.jadeIt just looks like you have a few closed comedones it's really not bad.
  13. @Sarahlouwhox Order the Products on The Acne.org Store Or Amazon and they will be shipped to you.
  14. You need a prescription for tretinoin. Have you tried taking vitamins such as Zinc or Omega 3s?