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  1. Amy1990

    Sheer Cover

    Anyone seen the commercial? Anyone used the brand before? I want to know if it works/helps cover up blemishes. Post your stories here
  2. Amy1990

    Your age bracket

    im 16... lol
  3. Amy1990


    My face:X
  4. Yeah I agree with all of you. When a girl next to me who has perfect skin complains about 1 tiny thing, i get mortified and embarassed because in my head i'm thinking, if you think 1 is so bad then what must you think of me? I too have a sister with like perfect skin and rarely gets 1 pimple, and i'm the daughter who ends up with half her face covered. I get really depressed when people say something like, "hey you guys look nothing alike". Also I'm asian and most asians in my family or relati
  5. I do this at times, because I get jealous of other girls perfect skin lol
  6. Amy1990

    Confused on Fruits

    Yeah my mom tells me about soy sauce every time it comes into my view And i guess from everything i've read today, it all depends on the person
  7. Amy1990

    Confused on Fruits

    Thanks for your help. I really Appreciated it *sarcasm* thanks for ur post bittermp
  8. Amy1990

    Confused on Fruits

    So i went to this spa place to get my acne treated and theres a girl there doing my face. We were talking and got to the subject of fruits (now i read some of the other fruit/veggies forums already and heres the confusing part) She says NOT to eat too much citric fruits and no bananas. Seafood isn;t good either. She also said dairy products arent good. (Is what she saying true? Because I have told others of this and they seem to disagree) Also my dad told me papaya is good for the skin. An
  9. Amy1990

    Proactiv Poll

    Say no to Proactive. Dried my skin out so bad that I had to stop using it and avoid using any products a week after that because my skin couldn't handle anything. I stick with things that provide moisture to ur face. Proactive is way too drying.