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  1. Hmmmm....sounds almost like a sunburn. When you have a sunburn on your face, it will do just about the same thing. Do you use AHAs or anything else that might make your skin overly sensitive to the sun? W + S
  2. I use AlphaHydrox Enhanced Lotion (10%). Works great for me!
  3. It's my understanding (and keep in mind I'm not a psychiatrist) that people who cut themselves are not necessarily seeking attention. They cut themselves because that will focus themselves on physical pain rather than emotional anguish. Your friend needs professional help. Really.....try to get him to see a counselor. Good luck, W+S
  4. Laser therapy.....oh....probably not unless you actually were married!
  5. If I were married to one, I'd better get free products out of it! Sometimes doctors will give you free samples that they have received from drug company sales people. You should ask if there are any free samples you can have next time you go....
  6. Your skin really has improved! I can't believe it because I finally see someone else who gets the spots right on the edge of the lips.....I thought I was the only one.... Good luck with accutane if you get on that regimen! W+S
  7. You definitely get less "bang for your buck" with Neutrogena OTS, but I use it because I can simply pick it up at the local druggist's or at the market. Plus, it seems to work fine for me.
  8. Yeah....same here. At the moment, the right cheek is worse than the left. I think it's 'cause I sleep on my stomach and sometimes I face left and sometimes I face right ... wait ....that didn't make any sense at all. Well, I think you get what I mean.
  9. Keep in mind.....these people are only there for one thing...to sell you product! They will say anything they think will make you take the time to listen to their pitch. That way, they have a better chance of selling you whatever "miracle product" they are selling....
  10. Ohh......I know how you feel I try to tell you skin (like talking to it is going to help) "either pimples or wrinkles, but both is just not fair!!!!" I am having some luck and improvement with a 10% AHA lotion, though. Any retinoid or AHA, BHA product might help! Good luck, W+S
  11. Two of my favorite musicians are brothers (Roy and Victor Wooten) who perform with Bela Fleck. I read in an interview that their mother used to tell them that when they look in the mirror every morning "Remember...you will not meet a single person today who is worth more than the man you are looking at right now." Those are powerful words and worth keeping in mind! W+S
  12. I use a 10% AHA both morning and night (mixed with a drop or two of Jojoba oil). This seems to work for me, but I think a lot of people use it at night only....AHA's help your skin exfoliate overnight so that when you wash your face in the mornings, fresh, new skin will be revealed. This has helped my red marks noticeably fade!!! Good luck! W+S
  13. Hey Kel, I just went through a pretend order at ds.com and got the following message when I tried to indicate an international shipping address.... checkout | international shipping We're no longer able to offer international shipping orders. If you have questions on an international order that has already been placed, please contact Customer Care at 1-800-drugstore. We're sorry for any inconvenience. We're still able to ship to the U.S., U.S. Territories, and APO/FPO Military addresses at t
  14. Hi! I've ordered from drugstore.com about three times and have not had any problems....but I'm also ordering from within the US. Where exactly are you getting stuck in the order process? W+S
  15. If you just started using an AHA lotion, you should probably just use it at night to begin. I've been using 10% both morning and night along with Jojoba Oil for a few weeks now, so my skin is used to it. I have noticed that my red marks are fading Good luck! W+S
  16. If this man has some question about whether or not he is the father of this boy, then a simple blood test will determine paternity. If it turns out he is the father, then he at least has a financial responsibility for the child's upbringing. Your friend is the only one who can know if she loves and trusts her boyfriend enough to continue a relationship with him. It's similar to dating a divorced man who has children from the previous marriage. Yes, there will always be contact with the children
  17. Hi JC.... Your posts show you to be a warm, funny, caring young man. I don't think you have anything to worry about even if you do feel different from those around you. You also do bring up your "differences" quite a bit for someone who claims to be so uncomfortable being different....hmmm...maybe you are enjoying all the attention you are getting? I know I would.... Try to enjoy who you are and enjoy making friends with people where you live. Rent a movie, cook a dinner, invite people over
  18. MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a breakdown product of DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide). If you would like to learn more about these compounds (original uses, who holds the patent on MSM, currently claimed benefits and current research status), you might want to read the information at these links. http://www.arthritis.org/resources/arthrit...xplorations.asp http://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRelate...cs/DSH/msm.html
  19. You'll need to ring your pharmacist to be sure.....but my understanding is that it's the other way around. The antibiotics affect the BCP. They lessen the efficiency of the pill, so you may need to rely on a second method of birth control while taking antibiotics... Good luck! W+S
  20. Wow....impressively insensitive people! I might first say "Excuse me? Could you say that again?" (people rarely have the nerve to say something that rude out loud twice when called out about it--plus it makes them realize in public how rude they are). Followed by "No, my face did not turn like this in my sleep. Did you become that rude while you were sleeping?" ....or....."Well...time will heal my face, I just hope it makes you a better person." Yeah...I know...no cuss words involve
  21. Barbarela, Any kind of exercise is great for lifting anger and depression.... It just always sounds so lame to tell someone "go for a walk....you'll feel better!" Hang in there! W+S
  22. I know I have never personally seen someone with blackheads this bad but.....I found this picture on the UC Davis Med docs site. This picture was posted as part of a med school dermatology course..... I feel horrible for this gentleman, indeed!!!!