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  1. Alright, i'll keep it SHORT and sweet. Anybody know of alternate treaments to milia? I mean alternate common medicine treatments, like some sorta cream, or something. I'm going to the derm SOON so I want to make sure I know of all the possibilites of treatment he can do.
  2. I can't do that, it bruises my skin when I try.
  3. Please, somebody help. I'm really frustrated. I've been using Dan's regimen for about 3 or more months. During the regimen, I have experienced clearing, at first reasonably little, then alot. So now, I'm practically clear. Really, I am clear, but I just get like, say, one or two zits every three or four weeks. So that's not my problem. But now. I have milia. And I don't know if this is true, but I think they are spreading. (Also the general texture of my skin looks like SHIT in daylight, n
  4. I got some questions. Right - I read up on Milia, but I still need more info. At the moment, I don't have cash, so extraction from a derm for these little white bumps isn't possible. (In three weeks I get some money) So I was wondering if I can ask a few questions that have been bothering me! Thanks in advance: 1. Milia is supposedly possibly caused by moisturizers or other products, is this true? 2. I used Eucerin for about...hmm, say, a month, and I'm suspicious. I think the milia wer
  5. I have been noticing ALOT of posts about Milia. Seems to me, alot of these people that have them, are on the regimen. From reading some posts that Frances posted, she advised using Eucerin Renewal, but in my case, I believe it might just be the culprit. Is this possible? If so why? Is milia extraction by a derm easy? Does it leave marks? Any personal experience with milia extraction? Thank you. You'll be answering ALOT of questions for people out there with milia!
  6. I am fighting acne, and winning, hurra! Well, so what's the problem? Oh, well, you see, I'm on Dan's regimen. (that's not the problem) Been fighting acne for say, three months. Keeping it under control, it's hard, but I think I can even get clear using the regimen. Now...I've got milia, well, I kinda diagnosed myself. But I'm prettty sure. I read up on this, and I decided extraction by a derm is the best way to go. But now, after I get them extracted...what's causing them? I think I need an a
  7. You've gotta be kidding me!! If a guy told me he was a virgin I wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole. All the girls/women I know (who aren't virgins themselves) feel the same way. We want someone who's at least been with one or two in the past so they have some, oh..what's it called?--EXPERIENCE! am I alone here, ladies?
  8. I talk to my mother about it. She's supportive, but she really doesn't get why i'm so sad about it. My dad, on the other hand, would either be totally quite and not know what to say, or would recommend I go on a crazy health food diet. (I eat damn healthy anyhow, but he'd get me to eliminate almost everything)
  9. Hmm.. damnit, so Frances, I heard if you take Mino, acne comes back, most of the time, worse than before?? I don't want that The reason I wanted to take mino is cause of these wierd little blackish, raised tiny bumps, not really blackheads. They are hardly visible...but very, annoying.
  10. I have two dogs and a cat. My cat just angers me. Meows pointlessly
  11. bbbbbbuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmpp Come one 64 views, only three being mine, somebody please answer.
  12. Hey, guys, I'll keep this short. I'm on the regimen, seeing 85-99% improvement. Yea, it's good, but I want to get 100% clear, and not constantly worry about breakouts. I know the regimen is working, but I got a theory. So here's the questions... 1. Do any of you use minocyclin? 2. Do you have success in using it conjuction with the regimen? 3. Does minocyclin have an initial breakout phase? This information will help me decide once I got to a derm, which will be quite soon. Don't pan