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  1. Hey everyone. I scrubbed my skin too hard w/ benzly peroxide 8% that i have from my derm. It was really bad, but it's gotten a lot better this week. Anyway, there's a red spot which I imagine is my lower layer of skin trying to grow back, but I'm getting really antsy b/c it's almost been 2 weeks since I did this and it's not gone yet. I haven't noticed much of a change the entire week so I'm worried. So, I was hoping you guys had tips on how to speed up the process. I'm applying a moisturizer w/
  2. Hey guys, I'm about 5 months post accutane and was wondering when it's ok to start drinking again.
  3. hey everyone, thanks for all the support. i wish everyone the best of luck w/ accutane and i hope it cures us all for good. and as stated previously, if it does come back it won't be as bad as it used to be b/c those damn oil glands will have shrunk.
  4. Don't do that to yourself! Do some people need to take another course because the acne returns - yes, but that's usually in severe cases and cases where people did take take a high enough dose. My derm just told me yesterday that the accutane shrinks your oil glands for good, which was so important to me because I had really bad oil. I know two people who took accutane 10 years ago and are still perfectly clear. I told myslef from the beginning that my skin would be the same. Think positi
  5. Before accutane, i was put on Retin A and antibiotics for a month. I'm in a month and a half on accutane now. I started out w/ 40 mg and then after the one month mark, I got pushed up to 50 mg. Anyway, my skin is better than it's ever been; the oil has stopped completely, i barely have any pimples anymore, and my scarring is almost completely gone. My skin has never looked this good and my confidence grows w/ each day. However, i was someone who had oily skin, not extremely oily but oily enough
  6. my derm told me a lot of people take it to combat dryness and redness. By redness did she mean hyperpigmentation? she gave me a prescription for one, but my face isn't really that dry, atleast i'm comftorable w/ the way it looks. anyway, she gave me a sample of one a week ago, tried it, and told her it made my skin even more dry, so she decided to prescribe another kind. how many of you use this while on tane and is it effective?
  7. thanks guys, but which kind of aquaphor are you talking about? there's the original ointment and healing ointment.
  8. i started accutane about 3 and a half weeks ago and within the second week I started getting dry lips. Here's the thing, I don't mind having chapped lips b/c i use blistex or chap stick on them and they're tolerable that way. However, when i wake up every morning I have this crust like crap above and below my lip and I know you all know what I'm talking about. It makes the area above my lip chapped and below my lip chapped and I hate that. One can clearly see those areas are dry. I put blistex o
  9. i just started accutane this week and I have no idea how to register into the Ipledge program. I have my card, but it wants a username and password. I'm just overall completely confused. Can someone tell me what to do?
  10. i'm getting my blood work done next week for accutane. how long after i get that done do i go on accutane, a week or two?
  11. recently i used clindomycin pads given to by my derm, but after the third or fourth day of using them my face got red as if i had a sunburn, but it went away the next day. so i called my derm up and told her everthing she gave me is fine, but the pads are just irritating my skin, so she told me to use it once a week. this was about 5 days ago and i want to use the pads tomorrow. should i use when i feel my skin can take it. the pads help in fighting bacteria. any suggestions?
  12. hey don't worry about it man, i'm in my second year of college and still battling acne, but it gets better and better as time goes on. if you're not seeing a derm and you can then go for it. don't worry about women b/c you're only in eighth grade and eventually you'll be a pro at catching a woman's attention; just be confident in all that you do. confidence is something that will attract any WOMAN. just don't worry about your skin man, it'll get better and people always see you different than yo
  13. i just don't know how much time i should give this cream until i give up on it. i only use it at night so i'll try using it in the morning as well, for days i have off from school. i know that going to a derm will result in the same thing w/ me trying some new cream and waiting weeks upon weeks to see if it works. can derms even do anything about red marks?