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  1. im on Amnesteem and its working well for me. Im on my 3rd month and I dont get any big breakouts like before I would get some very big painful ones, not I rarely do. Right now Ihave like 2 active pimples which are pretty small, and just red marks which are fading. For the most part im not oily at all. im on 40 mg for the rest of the way.
  2. I'm 16 5'11 around 160 LBS also with amnesteem im a little redder than usual... my brother he took accutane when he was 17, but he only took it for around 4 months because h was joining the military and had to stop and when he joined he was acne free it seemed but when he came back from boot camp his acne was back didnt look as bad but it was back. But from what I saw after boot camp his acne went away and now hes completely acne free and when I mean completely its all gone and his redness
  3. Maybe you should have stayed for the whole six months...
  4. ive been on Amnesteem generic brand of accutane for 5 weeks now. I started out with my derm giving me 20 MG a day that was for the first 30 days then now for the past 9 days ive been taking 40 MG a day. When I started taking the 20 MG the first week I immediately noticed dry lips, dry scalp and skin and a about 2-4 new pimples but they weren't big ones also I was less oily. Now 5 weeks later my scalp seems normal, lips are not as chapped and I only apply aquphor (sp?) after I wash my face in the