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  1. redness will go sooner or later there are few minor scars not bad will improve with time .. go see a good derm see what he says ..
  2. if u have severe acne go to derm acne can easily be treated ,, its scars for which u need expert docs and go as soon as possible ...
  3. if they are not very deep laser will help (but only few doctors are good at using laser see before after pics of the doctors treated patients ), rf needling and possiibly fillers (if u r okay with them) will help .. try to post ur pics on realself u will get some doctors advice .. here we are all struggling and trying to figure out whats best .. but to be true only 1 or 2 people have succeded treating there scars here .. so try to go to a good derm .. if possible
  4. dark spots and very very minor scars if any so dont worry go see a derm
  5. once redness goes ur skin will look better and u have scars but no atrophic (ie; fat loss) so can be easily treated (m not a doc but ..) , consult a derm and please do .. do not try to be self doc .. diet and other things help to a limit but not completely ..
  6. i am not okay with then and also i dont think sun exposure affects so much ..but i am having these marks for like so many months ihave tried enough but cant do anything if u want to fade them fast have any vbeam or ematrix treatment .. all i can say is that .. natural healing may sometimes takes years .. i have seen some people having acne marks forever and for some it just disappears .. so i cant say anything
  7. :) thanks THIRD TREATMENT - MICRODERMABRASION Today had my 2nd MDB treatment its a part of the treatments m having so i have to do it .. i dont think it does anything for the scars just some texture improvement ... ... have my 1st fractional co2 on 29 jan .. will keep u updated and again sorry for no pics as i said unless i have improvement that i can find satisfying i dont wanna post any pics ..
  8. go c a derm first and for that red marks i have red marks for like 8-9 months now ,, unless they are scars like depression or indentations u r good to go and dont worry ..... give it time ...
  9. not scars just minor breakout .. give time go to a derm
  10. once acne subsides within few months things will be alright give it time .... and go c a derm dont try to be a self doc .
  11. wait give it time and if its bothering u see other people pics ... sorry to say that but it just feels bad when people post pic of one pimlple or scar and say help ...
  12. i have red scars for like 8-9 months now .... i dont wanna scare u but give it time it will fade ateast u dont have scars u can shoe to derm if u wanna have some treatment vbeam laser or ematrix will help else leave it just give it time use sunscreen moisturizer and avoid sun and prevent further acne go see a derm
  13. not to make u afraid or anything i have red marks for over 8 months now .. they are fading but very slowly .. but if u keep exercising so that ur face sweats and avoid sun ,, they will fade early . . also vbeam laser will help but its better to make them heal naturally ..