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  1. just wanted to update people that my skin has been totally clear for over a month now. i went to the derm to talk about the zits i was getting after accutane and she thought it was folliculitis since it was mostly in my beard area (regardless of whether i shaved or not). she prescribed me clindomycin which i use every morning after i shave and i havent gotten a single zit since. i've gotten tiny red bumps around my face in various places that go away legit within a day or two and never hurt.
  2. How long is your derm planning to keep you on? Are your actives still cystic or mostly smaller?
  3. It is all good man, don't fret. I've read over and over again on logs and such that breaking when you finish is totally normal, as you skin is readjusting to less medicine. Same thing happened to my cousin and he was looking good a week later. Your skin heals faster off of Accutane also. Oh really? Yeah, i'd read a few other people that broke out soon after coming off. nice to hear your cousin re-adjusted though. I think you're right. I didn't wake up today to any new blemishes so thats goo
  4. 11 days post So, that pimple turned out not to be a fluke after all. I've been breaking out for the past 3 days. It's all just been papules and pustules, none of it really hurts, none of it is cystic, but it's still acne. And I still have it. I went to my derm yesterday and she was like "Yeah, you really shouldn't be breaking out a week after coming off accutane. I've seen it happen before, but not much." Very reassuring. My oiliness has totally returned so she said to go ahead and start usi
  5. 8 days post-accutane So I've been off of accutane for a week now! My oiliness returned by day 5 or 6 (in a good way), so I'm not dry and FLAKY anymore. I was so sick of having to moisturize hourly at work and bringing moisturizer with me when I went out with my friends. Since coming off accutane, I did get one pimple on the front of my face and I was devastated. I thought "Great, now it's all just coming back." However, it was very small, painless, and went away completely within 2-3 days (I
  6. Thanks! Yeah it was absolutely way too drying. I'm def excited, but nervous!
  7. I hope this doesn't sound rude, but why is your derm insisting you stay on for so long if you're cleared up and had mild acne to begin with?
  8. Day 134 Nearing the end of this journey (most likely). I'm scared to come off after 5 months... I'll be above the 150 mg/kg cumulative dose though (161 mg/kg I think). Anyway, yesterday I got my first pimple in months (not counting those tiny painless whiteheads). It's right on my hairline near my ear, it's not very big at all (yet) but it is definitely tender/painful to the touch. SO frustrating. You can't even see it because my hair basically covers it, but it's just frustrating/scary to
  9. Damn your skin looks good. Been using anything for red marks? I'm sure you will be fine even though you won't reach 120
  10. Oh okay lol those ingredients are super good, you're right.
  11. Yeah I know, I read such conflicting stuff about whether protein needs to be consumed within an hour after a workout or not. I def eat plenty of protein and have a good omega 3 to 6 ratio, so maybe I'll just phase the powder out... I've seen this product at whole foods! The only thing is there didn't seem to be any major ingredient differences from what I get, aside from the brown rice protein. Hemp protein powder does seem like a good option too though... thanks!
  12. Hey there - I've atrophied from cortisone shots too. One thing that worked for me was saline injections. Not sure why your derm said these won't work, but i'm not surprised. My derm office doesn't offer them either, so I had to go to a different derm (who offered the, but were a little confused / obviously didn't do it that often). So you may need to call around dermatologists to find one who will give you a saline injection. Also - this isn't gonna be what you want to hear, but some of mine j
  13. So I drink a smoothie with this plant-based recovery protein powder after I work out. It has no whey or anything (it's vegan), no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners... Whole Foods Market [Link Removed] I know there is a correlation between protein powders and acne, but I'm assuming this is primarily for whey-based products, right? A vegan powder should be fine, right? I'm on month 5 of accutane right now so I'm almost done, so I'd hate to stop and then start breaking out from someth
  14. Day 124 I've really been breaking out a lot in those tiny, painless whiteheads the past 2 weeks or so. They only appear in places I shave (mustache area, chin, jawline), which leads me to think that it's irritation from shaving. I clean my electric razor after every use though, do a deep clean once a week, I don't press too hard, and I only go over each area once... I'm a little stumped. Tonight, I started using benzoyl peroxide wash just on the areas I shave. My derm actually recommended i
  15. Day 117 So I'm almost done with month 4. This month has been great in terms of staying clear. I've broken out in small, painless whiteheads a few times, but each time it was either the day after eating something sugary (thanks, baclava!) or not getting a good night's sleep / staying up late with friends. Other than those whiteheads (which go away within 2 days and don't leave much of a mark) I have been CLEAR. No real pimples or cysts. I have my 4 month derm appt today. I'm guessing she's g