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  1. hang in there man. being persistent is the key. ive been on my little regimen for about 3 months and im 90% clear now so yeh just hang in there. the marks will go away by time. mine have near faded all out after a few months so just dont worry about them, they will go away sooner or later
  2. i use hair wax and it hasnt made me breakout once. i used to use hair gel and that did give me little breakouts for some odd up reason. anyway fuk gel start using hair wax, go for the scruffy messed up wax look like me bro!
  3. yeh i know what you mean. the left side of my face i got about 6 pimples and the right side only got about 2. ive never had breakouts on my right cheek much. it is quite weird
  4. hahaha your name is funny as fuk. i bet you just thought i aint bothered to think of a name, i might as well just type out anything
  5. Seriously but i need to digest the food with the water. It wont really affect my acne drinking during i eat, im sure im not the only one
  6. for fuks sake dont kill yourself. do not be a quitter. i just read that you about to go on accutane. so just basically go on that and see how things go
  7. i know, ive got a bit of a dirty mind. thats what came first to mind when thighs came into the topic lol. ill keep my thoughts to myself next time but i will laugh if my theory is right but yeh its probably something to do with the clothes or a new detergent
  8. I use this and never breakout around where i shave. Its got some vitamins in or something so it has to be good for the skin
  9. wow 6-8. the only time i really drink it is during dinner. well i guess i need to start drinking it more for the good of my skin
  10. yeh ive been thinking of getting this but dont know whether it would do any good. anyone got any experiences with this?
  11. Thats weird. I dont know, probably if youre a girl it might be because you might of got felt up around your thighs by a guy (with sweaty hands) when he was on the way to entering his fingers. Thats seriously all i can think of
  12. mmmm i see frances. How much water would you recommend a day?