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  1. Oliviajh23, Glad to hear things are heading in the right direction for you and your skin. You look great!!! I will pray for you and you unfortunate situation and hope you will make peace with your skin. Whether or not you use the Aloe Vera or the acne.org moisturizer I hope it works for you. Let me wish you all the best in your future endeavors and I will continue to keep you and your unique skin situation in my prayer so that you might find peace and tranquility within. Remembe
  2. Hey Just Call Me OCD, Please Hang In there And Things Will Get Better Over Time. I'll Pray For You And Your Unfortunate Situation. Hang In There And Listen To Sir Mix-a-Lot Songs. They Might Not Help With Your Pimple Situation, But They Sure Will Help Put You In A Better Mood Mentally. Good Luck My Fellow Acne Sufferer!!! Thumbs Up!!!
  3. I Will Pray For You And That Bump. Please Hang In And Maybe One Of Those Pesky Site Moderators Might Have A Better Answer For You. All I Can Do I Hope And Pray With And For You My Friend!!! Please Keep Your Head Up!! All The Best!!!