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  1. Green Tea helped clear my face

    I tried green tea and had amazing results. It took its time of course, about 3 weeks to show any results but it did help. Diet is the only way to get rid of acne. I wrote about it here. https://www.yourbeautychronicles.com/the-benefits-of-green-tea-for-acne/
  2. Hello sorry to bother you. I read on a post that you were quitting benzoyl peoxide last year and using honey to help you along. Was just wondering how long the post benzoyl breakout lasted for you? Thank you in advance

    1. You're right. Too much fruits will cause you to breakout. 1 or 2 a day is generally fine.
    2. So after I stopped sugar it took about 2 weeks from the day I stopped to see a change. So I would say give it 2-4 weeks. I wrote about it on my blog which may help you. http://www.yourbeautychronicles.com/sugar-and-acne/ Hope this helps you.
    3. Great post. A lot of great information here. I battled acne for 20 years before I cured it with diet and lifestyle changes. I have noticed that a good diet keeps me clear. I avoid sugar completely. Of course I do slip now and then but mostly I have been clear for the past 4-5 years.
    4. Makeup does not make cause acne. I used it too for many years to cover my acne. However what are you trying for your acne? Are you on some treatment?
    5. Ignore the ignorant Aunts please. People without acne never understand people with acne. That is a fact of life and we better accept it. Because of this ignorance come the comments. Also your acne is not that bad.
    6. When you have adult acne doctors cannot help. It's the same experience all over. I am from India and fought acne for 20 years. Paid a lot to a lot of doctors and got nothing in return. I was treated like crap as well. Don't worry though, a lot of people on here have cured their acne. You will too
    7. It is a disease and a struggle. And you're right, when it comes to acne there is no single cure. Each one of us has to find out a unique cure for our acne. One thing that might help is taking a Vitamin C supplement. Just try it out and see. And fruits do not cause insulin spikes if you eat them whole, i.e with the fibre. Stop being so hard on yourself. :-)
    8. Thank you for this. Yes, we should live our lives and stop letting acne control it.
    9. For me it's more the people talking to me who have a problem making eye contact. They look everywhere but into my eyes. Last year my cousin's wife, spent an hour staring at my hairline while talking to me. I now just try to ignore and try not to meet these people too often.
    10. So I run a site for people with acne having had severe cystic acne myself. Everyday I browse the internet looking for what people with acne say and how they feel. Today I came across an article whose title was "How to forgive yourself for having acne". Oh dear lord. I almost lost it. I mean this article says that we are responsible for our acne and how to accept it. I find that impossible to accept in every way. Just wanted to know what your opinion on this is. Am I over reacting by getting a
    11. Sorry to hear about your experience. I use OCM on my acne prone skin and it has only done good. I tried avocado, coconut and jojoba and these actually helped me. What oils did you use? Also how many times a week do you clean with oil?
    12. Happy you found what worked for you. People can be really mean. From your comment I am amazed at people's level of insensitivity.