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  1. I am happy to say that my accutane course is finished, and I've had astonishing results. My acne was so bad I thought not even accutane could cure it, but here I am! Now I have to deal with these annoying red marks...Ugh.
  2. My face has cleared up completely on accutane but I'm left with ugly red marks that are taking forever to go away. I still have some that are from cysts that I had when I started the treatment! Does anyone know any homemade remedies for getting rid of these? It will be a while since I see my dermatologist, and I want to start treating them as soon as I can...
  3. [Edited link out] I agree with the early prevention thing, I've always thought to myself that as soon as a kid of mine starts getting acne, I'll take them to the derm instead of buying topical products or telling them to deal with it.
  4. update ! my skin hasn't changed much , but it's still looking good.
  5. this is exactly how I feel. it's scary. it's making me unable to see how accutane has benefitted me, and I hope I can get help.
  6. I've become completely obsessed with my acne. even though it's better now (I'm about 5 months on accutane), I still hate it . it makes me so anxious. I don't see the "much better" skin that my mom and derm talk about , I still see the girl with twenty cysts on my face that I was months ago. every little pimple sends me into panic. I constantly worry if it will grow into a cyst , or if it's already a cyst or I can tell, or I'll have these for the rest of my life, even after I'm done with my
  7. I'm finishing my accutane course and have no active acne but three closed comedones on my forehead. they're bothering me and making me anxious because I don't want them to turn into pimples. Will using an extractor I used on the blackheads on my nose work, or make them inflamed?
  8. the only thing that helped me

    I tried everything for my severe acne, and accutane was the only thing that helped, even though it took a long time for me to see results. I had 20 cysts on my cheek before starting, and now just have one tiny papule. don't be discouraged if you don't see results fast, it takes time. I didn't stop getting painful cysts until the fourth month. I have lots of red marks, but I'm slowly getting my confidence back. for me, the side effects were worth getting rid of the intense psychological pain
  9. I'm starting to think this isn't really a cyst... I'm probably just poking at a bone on my face? it's been a few days and I feel no pain , no swelling, no redness... I think I'm just overly paranoid about acne. I'm starting to think this isn't really a cyst... I'm probably just poking at a bone on my face? it's been a few days and I feel no pain , no swelling, no redness... I think I'm just overly paranoid about acne.
  10. for about a month on accutane I've been completely clear, I even had my derm tell me that my skin looks wonderful. but recently I was checking my skin and felt a bump underneath it, it doesn't hurt but I know there's something there. it's not like the usual huge, red nodule I got before, but it seems deep and it's clearly acne. should I give up on accutane? I was really happy and hopeful, see my face clear up and leave nothing but a few comedones and red marks for a month. now all my happiness
  11. recently I've read about acne conglobata, which is apparently the worst type of acne . since it most often happens in males, I wasn't worried much about developing it but then I read that thyroid medication can trigger it . from ages 12-13 I had to take medication for a thyroid condition . i am now on accutane which is working but I'm scared that later on I'll develop acne conglobata . is it possible ?
  12. I'm not sure, I personally don't do it but I live in Brazil
  13. day 108 im wondering whether or not I should be using moisturizer?
  14. day 107 all I got this week were two very small papules. I popped them both. heres my face with makeup. redness is my main concern right now but at least it's easy to hide! hopefully soon my skin will look like this naturally