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  1. The side effects are different for everyone, dont let people tell you your hairs going to fall out, your eyes will shrivel up, and your muscles will constantly ache. 95% of the side effects you hear about are overrated, and thats not coming from me but my derm himself. At first i was leery of this, because i was worried about all the side effects too. Im currently on my 2nd month of accutane on 80mg a day and the only side effects i see/have seen is dry skin, chapped lips, and clear skin:) Just
  2. I am in the same posistion as you, only i weigh 130 lbs. The derm started me at 40 mg for 1 month and i broke out a couple weeks after that but the breakout only lasted about a week. About 10 days ago the derm upped my dosage to 80 mg a day and i havent had a breakout yet, in fact my skin is about 95% clear. The only thing that happened when i was switched to 80 mg a day was i had a terrible dry spell for about 5 days where my skin was very dry, but moisterizing and patience took care of that.
  3. If your skin is clear, dont use the retin a micro. When i used that stuff, it made my skin worse and did absolutely nothing but made me oily and red.
  4. Goldengirl, If your sons acne is cystic and scarring then i recomend you take the derms advice and get the drug for your son. My derm said its never failed that he seen, and hes been prescribing it for 15 years. This isnt to say that his skin will clear completely, although its highly likely, but it will at the very least respond to other treeatments better. 90% of the time accutane clears people up, and something like 60-70% its the last drug theyll have to use for acne. Hope this helps., and
  5. I had a derm appointment for august 1st, but for some insanely lucky reason the derm called my house june 1st reminding me of my apponitment,the next day, june 2nd. So i called them back and sure enough it was a mix up, but i could have the time slot since they called my number and not the poor lady who was supposed to be in! Anyway i get there and tell him i want to go on accutane, and just like that he goe into an hour long lecture telling me all the benefits of accutane, how alot of the side
  6. Havent visited these boards for about a year now, mostly because ive been busy with school and hanging out with friends, i didnt let acne get to me. Anyway my face was clearing up nicely with the tazorac the doctor prescribed until summer hit, then i started getting more pimples. Winter came(this past winter) and i joined swimming again, and my skin cleared up very nicely. I also started using proactiv, although the only thing i use from the kit is the bp wash, everything else makes me too dry o
  7. Zithromax is used to treat very strong bacterial infections, such as pneumonia....thats why you only take it for 7 days but it works 6-10 days after,...i dont think its for acne
  8. Started my gugulipid today, and for those of you who dont know what it is, they are pills that contain 25mg guggulsterones each. This is the active ingredient in acneva, which reduces sebum production therefore reducing acne. I take 3 pills per day, one with each meal. I am just washing regulary and using retin-a micro for the redmarks. Ill be updating this every week to let you know how the gugulipid is doing on reducing oil production. I think it takes about 5 weeks until you see any differenc
  9. thats awesome you had surgery and your face is clear! Man its rough, but listen to some kusic, this helps a lot. Also, if you can, lift weights. That boosts your confidence mass. Just stay strong man keep your confidence up and fdorce yourself to go out it will turn you into a new person.
  10. You got good skin, the kind that looks like it heals very fast. I wish i had skin that even in tone
  11. I ordered the Gugulipid today from puritans pride, a 3 month supply for 30 bucks. Gugulsterones are the main ingredient in acneva, the ingredient that lessens oil production just like B5. THe advantage is u dont need to take a shitload of it, only 3 pills a day (25 mg gugulsterones per pill), and it has been proven to work. Plus, acneva website said that after 3 months, most patients did not have any reccurence of acne after they stopped taking it. Now this isnt acneva, but it has the exact same
  12. My face is clear except for y nose. I have lots of little red numps on my nose. What should i do? im currently on retin-a micro and duac, switching them out every other day. It mgiht e the breakout period, but my nose has never been this bad, plus almost everyone i see who has bad acne, there nose is clear even though the rest is bad. Please help
  13. There definatly is a mind body connection, the mind is a very powerful thing. For example, we learned in Anatomy and Physiology that if you are fixed on something having to do with your body, and you KNOW it is going to happen, and that NOTHING will stop you, then it will happen. This is interesting, but you have to be fixed toward whatever is happening almost insanely. THere have been cases where people with very far along cancer who had extreme faith they would be cured, there cancer went into
  14. Good Question, id like to hear some feedback on this. I dont think systemic anti-androgens would work for guys, your testicals might shrivel up(lol), and if they didnt, if you lift, then i thinkit would fuck things up and you wouldnt gain any muscle. Do you know the name of any topical anti-androgens, i might ask my family doctor, hes cool about different acne treatments
  15. After my derm prescribed me my medication, at the end he said "As far a what you eat, it can be anything. There is no correlation between acne and food, however you might want to stay away from chocolate and seafoods because we are not sure about them so if you see yourself break out a lot and eat a lot of those two foods, then cut back on them." I guess this is true for some people, but the seafood causing acne does make sense because seafood has a lot of iodine in it.