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  1. I just wanna know. My diet is dairy free, but I don't mind incorporating a dairy product as long as it isn't a hormonal one, for obvious reasons. These cookies I bought yesterday had butter in them. I got them at the good foods store.
  2. I am getting so frustrated from trying online mineral makeup and not getting a match that I am willing to pay someone to custom blend a mineral foundation for me. Problem is, how?! Getting someone to blend one for you that isn't their product line is going to be hard, but I am willing. I have to avoid Bismuth Oxychloride because it causes breakouts for me...Anyone have any suggestions?
  3. On comedogenic lists algae extract is known to clog pores...Anyone have experiences with it? I need an alternative to Everyday Minerals because everyday minerals foundation doesn't match my skin tone, it's too yellow...
  4. The Face Reality sunscreen isn't working for you? I actually really love their Oil Free SPF 30 sunscreen. Oh no it does. But I prefer something a little larger because I use it on my neck, ears, etc...I got myself some more of Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Sunblock SPF 55 w/Helioplex. I think I will order some more of their's though, just because it is well formulated and has anti-oxidants in it.
  5. I am looking for a sunscreen that has... -A high SPF (At least 30) -Water resistant -Antioxidant infused -Noncomedogenic ingredients (I use the list face reality gave me) -Titanium and Zinc Oxide based Any suggestions?
  6. Is it the Face Reality 8% mandelic/lactic acid serum? If so, I love the way it smells too! I use it just on my nose to tighten the pores a bit. Yep that's the one! So far my skin has been handling it excellently. Nice feel, nice scent, smoothes my skin out. I love it. My deepest sympathies for you. I would contact Face Reality Skin Care clinic. Treating your acne yourself can be excruciatingly tricky and it can just cause you time and money. They can definitely point you in the
  7. I think we have a winner! Golden Fair seems to be like a very close match, although it does seem a little too fair, but not by much. I think it could work by itself, but I may decide to blend...Pardon the bed hair, here are my photos of golden fair in matte. I didn't blend into my neck just to let you know....
  8. Just started the mandelic acid. It smells so friggin good! It is definitely less irritating than the glycolic. I'll keep you posted on how I do with it, I am sure this is probably a winner though.
  9. Heh, yeah, people think I am wearing makeup all the time. They just don't understand why I look so smooth...It is pretty flattering. I love not having to guess what my regimen should be, I JUST ASK! That's awesome! I only trust them to treat my skin, I won't let anyone else touch me! I am actually switching from glycolic to mandelic pretty soon. Glycolic works just fine, but I have to put 3 days or so in between treatments because it is that strong on my skin, but otherwise A-OK.
  10. I do not like Dermalogica products. From looking at their ingredients I definitely notice holes in the formulation. Overabundance of essential oils for one thing, poor sunscreens...I could go on, but why bother? My aesthetician class uses this line and there is NO way I'd ever use this on mine, or anyone else's face!
  11. Okay here are some of my before pics when I first started up a few weeks. In the beginning my skin was pretty crappy, red marks and it just looked nasty. I didn't bother to style my hair for the pictures because I felt I looked like crap anyways. My self-esteem was pretty basal....But it did get better, as you can see! Take a look! I have a bit more but they are all in my mailbox and I honestly don't feel like digging through ALL of them, but this should give you a pretty good idea about what I
  12. Great mkay I will do that! I'll cover the jaw with the foundation and test. Now if I don't find an exact match how do I know which color to blend it with? That is all I need to know now.