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  1. GOOD DAY GUYS... ( pretending ok )

    Im one of the not so lucky who's suffering from FUcking ACNE..  Im here in Qatar.FILIPino, 23 y.o .

    at first, 3 years ago, I went to Derma and he gave me some ointment and undergo Diamond Peel. NO more than a week. My face became very smooth and clear. and then as time past, I don't have acne anymore and also finished my products. I try normal soap and Face wash. and Then Last year I went here in QAtar for Work.
    Unfortunately my old friend Acne missed me and He Visited me again.. HMMMMMP.
    on My nose, on my cheeks, it was disgusting... Until it become moderate to severe. That time I went to Derma again and he gave me ZINERYT..  It is effective. My acne Leave me again BUt it is fr temporary only. Until Last June. It came back again. It Become worse.. Very Red and bigger and Deeper. in my face and body.. I loose all my confidence instantly..  Most of the time I want to be alone. and don't like to go to work.. ANd then I try again to go To Hospital here. I talked to Derma and he recommend me this ROACCUTANE... I refuse at first to think. I try to search online . and Feel afraid what I read about this pill and in the other way DESPERATE also to remove this acne.

    ok. Now I accept his offer. First, lood test. and then He gave me 20 mg twice a day.. I just finished my 2nd week now. ANd im suffering vey dry lips , few falling hair but still manageable....

    my question is..... LOL :)
    When can I see and feel the improvements??
    What Face and body wash shall I use? now im using DOVE moisture face wash and DOVE gentle exf. Body wash..
    Can the redness and acne scars/marks remove????

    Thank you all :) :)

    1. I understand what youre going through, I have horrible cystic acne which thank God for filters because you cant tell in my picture but Ive been suffering from this for almost four years now, Im 29. Most days I dont want even want to leave my house....finnally I decided to try acutane, I went through all the motions and now its being held up by my insurance. We'll see what happens. Just wanted to reach out and let you know you are not alone, I feel exactly what you are going through....I wish yo