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  1. Did you acquire a second opinion or observatory statement from any other medical professionals? Do you have other documented underlying diseases or sicknesses that require a differential diagnosis? Ever heard of a bacterial infection called SIBO? (small bacterial intestinal overgrowth) Defecating and providing a fecal sample may be a little out there, but it's a proactive and logical step towards tackling your issue. It may be something that requires more demanding medical supervision to p
  2. Unless you maintain a supraphysiological hormone environment especially with the likes of IGF-1, insulin, somatotropin... maxillofacial structuring comes down purely to genetics. If you are someone has a terrible diet then yes you can improve the definition. Some have it and some don't. Both my brothers have very gentle rounding heads, while my sister and I have high cheek positioning and razor jaws. It's cool I guess. I always felt the jaw line was more endogenous to the "exotic ethnicity
  3. B5 realistically shouldn't be exceeding 2G-3G p/day MAX. B5 doesn't do anything to the bacterium, P. Acnes rather it increases lipolytic capabilities (lipid catabolism) and our skin is comprised of lipids. Hence an increase in lipolytic capabilities help increase secondary activities associated with our skin's cellular turnover rate and ease of epithelial shedding (helps those with hyperkeratinization, sebum overproduction). With that being said there is questionable research data that eith
  4. Please please please don't be another foolish individual who logically concluded that taking 5,000mg of pantothenic acid a day is remotely normal in any circumstances, let alone one that doesn't have it's complimentary assimilation compounds properly adjusted for compensation. I tried explaining it before in that popular thread residing in the Diet section, but it was futile. Even provided sourcing material and direct quotations to specific sections of the scholarly journal. I've been using
  5. I'm using some half-ass blatant foreign attempt of counterfeit on some more genuine products, but it was only 15.99 at Wal-Mart and it works flawlessly! I have one that's hard-wired as well, but I prefer the portability from a rechargeable battery.
  6. I've gotten more results from just thorough washing and exfoliating with no soap and just using the running water from the shower as the buffer to reduce friction and irritation. I keep a tube of Neutrogena Maximum Strength Acne Wash (10% benzoyl peroxide) for any ambushes. Dieting got the most changes and I'm currently full blown nutritionally ketonic and I didn't know skin felt like this. I'm not even producing oil that I can see and my pores have vanished. Skin is extremely tight against
  7. Don't rule out the possibility of venturing into the mature realm. I had a obsession from 18-20 with hooking up with women only 30+. I developed more self esteem with them than anyone else. I guess I'd be considered a party pooper as I prefer more maturity over prepubescent shenanigans, I guess being a habitual juvenile menace to society probably burned that mischievous desire out and institutionalization doesn't help with social development. Also, older women take you on dates and show yo
  8. Considering L-glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acids within our blood, I'd see it rather redundant for further supplementation unless medical bloodwork/testing warrants such efforts. Just my opinion though.
  9. My fellow friend, it come's down to how you "hold" yourself or present yourself if you may. The style or stature at which you maintain and assert along with manners is what speaks more words than a superficial, semi-permeable, collectively layered keratinocytes, melanocytes, and lastly your Merkel and Langerhan cells. And they don't do a whole lot. I'm rather terrible in social situations in general and having good looks doesn't get me all that much except someone who just wants a pretty fac
  10. The only knowledge I have about neurotic excoriation is being linked to some neurotransmitter/catecholamine imbalance most likely at the neurogastroenterological pathways vs. the CNS/brain (a small percentage makes up the chemical spectrum of active neurostransmitters that are present in the brain, while most exists outside within the blood stream).
  11. This may be a little subjective or pseud-scientific, but I recently purchased Neutrogena Rapid Toner Repair/Dark Spot Corrector anti-aging ointment (SPF30). I believe it's active ingredients are glycolic acid, L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), and Retinol or the most viable analogue can't really remember. It was 20.00 USD at Wal-Mart so it's a little pricey, but it's done wonders in such a short period of time! I don't really get acne anymore, but I do deal with oily skin and the occasional close
  12. I commemorate your determination to do a food allergy test per say, but the variables proposed in the given parameters would be rather subjective due to the hasted analytical analysis. Your virtually going off a glimpse of time if you try to produce viable data to interpret.
  13. BaxterMcDoobinson


  14. Just cycle your carbohydrate intake day by day. Have some low days, moderate, and high/refeed. If anything I felt like intense exercising and weightlifting brought on bacterial based acne due to their inability to adjust to a higher need for personal hygiene. Most people don't realize how much they sweat and where exactly.
  15. You know you can ice it to reduce the inflammation. Never put antibiotic ointment on your face. EVVERRRRRRRR Try a little freshly squeezed lemon juice, but don't go into the sun with it on. And don't pick.