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  1. Well my acne returned as expected.. now I have 10 active pimples from a pre-existing 5 .. To be completely honest, I kinda went off road with my diet lol .. greasy, processed, and sugary food combo (damn them cravings) .. and my time of the month is due.. so yea not bad at all. My skin texture has improved, still flaky but no longer rough and dry. My main reason for quitting BP for a week is because I have a laser hair removal session and my skin was in no condition to undergo those beams
  2. Yep! It's not fun at all! .. I haven't used AHA yet, still too early for me, and it seems its gonna take some time because I'm going to stop using BP for a week.. just giving my skin some recovery time and then spot treating afterwards >.< .. I have been moisturizing like crazy with no luck, my skin has turned from oily to extremely dry! Oh and I've noticed the dark shades too! I agree though, this product does wonders for acne but you have to find a way around the dryness! Hope BP is
  3. My skin has mostly cleared up from active acne but it's extremely dehydrated and flaky ,, no amount of moisturizer would help and any product i apply simply flakes off or balls up.. nasty. So I have decided to cut it out of my regimen for a week and then go back only treating affected areas with tiny amounts. This might not be my best Idea, but I really can't deal with this dry tired looking skin. Yes, I have tried cutting back on the amount but I think what my skin needs is some time to r
  4. I gotta say .. this stuff works. I know it's a bit early for a statement like that but all my cystic acne have been flattened, and I couldn't be happier. Well, I could be if my skin wasn't so dry. I'm still a long way from clear, but I like my results so far .. my only complaint is the dryness.. and flakiness.. and itchiness.. and wrinkles. Yes, wrinkles. No matter how much I moisturize it never seems enough! I find myself mimicking Doctor Who's Cassandra .. "Moisturize me!" .. I feel y
  5. Day 9 I think my skin has not yet adjusted to BP .. I was surprised to find my under eyes have become puffy and developed side wrinkles. even though I'm careful to not spread BP anywhere near my eyes .. So I think I might cut back on BP .. Maybe just spread it across affected areas .. Skin still stings when I apply BP and itches with moisturizer (jojoba helps calm the itchiness) I can feel two deep cysts at the jawline Also, I'm gonna go ahead and add an eye cream to my routine.
  6. Day 8 Increasing BP has definitely caused dryness and sensitivity Skin feels hot, and tingly. Flaking is seen around my mouth area and around old no longer visible acne Developed 3 whiteheads I decided to add Jojoba oil to my moisturizer to help with the dryness.
  7. One week My breakouts seem under control, I can feel one deep pimple near my jawline.. usually I'd develop 5 new pimples in a matter of days easily. Existing acne has calmed down but still red Skin feels slightly dry, no significant flaking yet Skin appears smooth (less bumpy) Today I'm going to increase my BP to twice per day. Bring on the flakes .. >.<
  8. Day 3 existing pimples decreased in size and appear less red. developed two whiteheads on my chin no dryness or flakiness yet Starting today I just used one pump of moisturizer.. I find 2 pumps to be a lot .. even if I do one pump and wait for it to dry before adding the second. I did pop my whiteheads.. I know.. a habit that needs to be broken >.<
  9. Hello there, I'm walking in the exact same shoes .. struggled with acne as a teen but nothing compared to what I have now. I turned 26 this year, and about a year or so ago my skin started acting up, and breaking out in places I never broke out before .. that's when I started seeing a dermatologist. I have tried and tested almost everything from organic to medical skincare, watched my diet, drank lots of tea, and green smoothies (which helped a lot) .. I have went on antibiotics and tried lase
  10. Hello! 26 YO with combination/oily skin struggling with mild/moderate acne on and off since the teens. Having acne as a teenager was not a big deal .. I had the odd pimple or two that would clear up within a few days. However, about a year or so ago I started having breakouts mainly on the sides of my cheeks and jawline .. places I never broke out before. This particular acne was deep under the skin, stubborn, painful, and took weeks if not months to go away .. usually leaving marks. I we