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  1. If you're in the USA and looking for powder MSM (or a liquid MSM, which is purified water with MSM powder already in it), go to a vitamin store. Not a run of the mill drug store. Even in some of the good drug stores like Walgreen's or CVS, it can be hard to find. My prefered MSM is the Trimedica brand. It's a liquid and I found it for $10.99 at Drug Emporium (which has a giant vitamins section called VitaminsPlus). It claims to be 99% pure MSM. Some MSM powders are less pure. Apparently
  2. Forgive me if this has already been discussed, but does anyone know WHY apple cider vinegar is good for red marks? I like apple cider vinegar and I use it. But how does it work? In other words, what's the "science" behind apple cider vinegar as a skin care treatment?
  3. If anyone here is an REM fan, the singer Michael Stipe has facial scars. In one REM album there's a high school photo of him with perfectly clear, flawless skin. Printed over the picture are the words "THEY AIRBRUSHED MY FACE". As for Britney, I don't necessarily think she deserves applause for going out with imperfect skin or the (bizarre) anger some here feel toward her for going out with imperfect skin. She's just a human. She went out looking bad, but most people go out looking bad some
  4. Yes, I burned myself with the ACV. Thankfully it wasn't too bad and the healing process -- supplemented with aloe vera gel -- has been quick. While most say you should dilute apple cider vinegar, I read someone on another forum say they got good results from NOT diluting the ACV. My skin isn't too sensitive so I figured I'd try that. At first it was great. I had a developing zit that the undiluted ACV (left on for an hour, about twice a day) seemed to kill off in short order (less than two
  5. Jason, So Do you apply Aloe Vera all over ur face or just on the break outs, If you are applying all over the face.. how many times do you apply and when .. night or day? I am not able to find Aloe leaf any where near my place.. Guess I will have to order from the Net.
  6. Like JC said, you have to chew it well. There are two ways I have for making it bearable: -- Eat something else at the same time. I had my garlic this afternoon with my lunch. I took a nibble off the garlic and then took a bite from a sandwich, chewing both at once. -- Take very small bites. Often I don't eat anything with garlic. I just have a glass of water (nativetexan's suggestion of milk is also good, though, not being a milk-drinker, I've never done that myself) and take tiny nibbl
  7. I bought my Aloe leaf at the Wal-Mart Supercenter. It was in their produce section. It's the "Aloe King" brand. It's just a big thick green leaf. Ever since I bought it though I haven't seen any more aloe vera in the produce section. It's like they pulled it all out. I don't know if all Wal-Marts quit selling it or if just the one near me. Using google, I just found several online health product stores selling aloe vera leaves. I don't need a new one just yet, but when I do I'm gonna hit
  8. Maybe sweating during excercise would bring out the garlic stench. Not having a regular exercise routine, I never thought of that.
  9. I haven't gotten any complaints about smelling like garlic. And I have a girlfriend who'd have no problem telling me if I did! Maybe you have to eat quite a bit of garlic for the smell to start coming off your skin. I eat two small cloves each night and that's it.
  10. Firstly, I don't have a serious acne problem. Two or three pimples at a time is about as bad as it gets for me, but I have lingering red marks that are enough of a nuisance to send me searching the internet for help. That's just to anticipate a question I might get. I used to get a new zit every week and now not only have I had nothing new for over a MONTH, but the red marks are fading. Here are two simple things that've worked for me: 1. eating two cloves of raw garlic a day 2. using the g
  11. I went out Monday night and bought both C&C cleansers recommended by Botchla. Here, five days later, of the two forehead blackheads I've had for months, one is gone and the other is on the way out. And of the two new zits I had that were in their early stages, one was nuked completely before it turned into anything (it's now only a slight colorless bump that'll probably be gone next week) and the other is still in a stalemate with the Clean & Clear, but it hasn't gotten worse. I l