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  1. 1) How long can I expect this to last? I know we become immune to antibiotics over time. Anything I can do to prolong the results? Mino works wonders on acne - it really clears up the skin. However, you are right, you will become immune to the antibiotic sooner or later. There is nothing you can do to prolong the results; it's simply dependent on your body's chemistry. Everyone is different - sometimes the effectiveness lasts 6 months, sometimes 3 years. But sadly, antibiotics only treat th
  2. sarahf79


    Also, beware that Spiro can cause a drop in blood pressure...maybe the reason why the derms are hesitant to bump up your dose. I am very petite - only 98 lbs - so Spiro was not a good choice for me. At only 25mg per day, I always felt like fainting, and was dizzy, so I had to stop it. But if you don't have these issues at 50mg per day, you are probably fine. I know that Spiro is the answer to many people's hormonal acne problems...in fact, my aunt is 42 and still suffers chin/jawline acne...
  3. I've read all about the connection to acne & dairy. I am thinking that dairy may be affecting my acne, as well. I *THINK* that my recent breakouts could be associated with cheese. But I'm confused about one thing. Years ago, my staple diet was pizza. Seriously, I ate it about 4 times a week - gross, I know, but I was a college student. Obviously, this = enormous amounts of cheese. But during that whole time of about one year, I was nearly 100% clear. Wouldn't this indicate that I d
  4. I have been using Alpha Hydrox 10% oil-free gel for 2 weeks now. I am going through the "purging process" that everyone talks about. OR AM I?? My skin was not that bad before using it, now it is broken out all over, SUPER bumpy. Little red zits and pustules everywhere. GRANTED, MOST OF THEM are coming up in areas of my face where I could tell there were little non-inflamed acne bumps to begin with, lying under the surface. So maybe it is just "purging" it all and bringing it to the surfac
  5. Thanks for your help!! Yes, I am just using the AHA alone, without BP, but I don't think I am going to go back to BP. BP was making my skin very dull and definitely aging it - I've heard the same complaints from others. I'm nearly 30, so I'm at the point that I need to be very careful about what I'm putting on my skin to not cause pre-mature aging!!! Anyway, since I stopped using BP I have noticed a great difference - the fine lines have disappeared, and I do think the AHA is helping in the
  6. Hi - 10 days ago I started using the Alpha Hydrox brand foaming face wash, along with the 10% oil-free AHA gel at night before bed. Both got pretty good reviews on here, so I thought I'd try them. I switched from Purpose foaming cleanser and BP to this regimen, because I was starting to get chin acne again (out of nowhere, of course). I thought maybe it was time to switch up my routine again, since you know how nothing ever works forever But after 10 days of using the Alpha Hydrox, I am re
  7. How long have you had acne? I'm currently pretty clear, and managed to come out with only a few scars. Is that you in your pic? Pretty cute girlie. Hit me up if you wanna see what I look like ;)

  8. Drinking your own pee??? WTF?? I mean, I know we're all desperate to be done with acne but even at my worst cystic moment on Accutane I was not that desperate. Who would even suggest such a thing? It doesn't even make sense, really....your pee is basically toxins that your body flushed out on purpose...why would you purposely re-ingest them? Anyway, I've also had chin/jawline acne for as long as I can remember. It goes away from time to time, but ALWAYS returns, without fail. I, too, have
  9. Hey there! I'm your age, 29, and about a year ago I had the same problem! I had no idea why, but these cysts were coming out between my eyebrows. I was not wearing glasses, or anything that would conceivably irritate that area. It eventually went away on it's own about 3 or 4 months after it started, but in the meantime I was battling it with heavy BP application - which was the only thing that helped. But it was serious application - like a huge dollop at night, and in the morning before w
  10. Hi! I have determined that I have an allergic reaction to hair STYLING products (not shampoo or conditioners, strangely enough). I start to get acne around my chin/jawline when I use hairspray, mousse, gels, etc. I know, I know...that area is usually because of hormonal acne, but I have to say, I've done an experiment, and when I stopped using hair products, it subsided. When I started again, it came back fiercely within 24 hours. I tried changing my pillowcase frequently and that didn't he
  11. Hi there - I have suffered acne for the past 14 years - I am now 29, and I still get breakouts on and off. Right now, I am unfortunately on an "on" period - and breaking out pretty badly. The majority of my break-outs used to be on my chin / jawline - I guess the typical hormonal acne. Sadly for me, my acne has had absolutely NO rhyme or reason. Really. I've been on the Pill, off the Pill. Through periods when I drank tons of water, through periods where I barely drank any water. Ate li
  12. Sunshine, I feel your pain - literally! I go through periods when my skin has cleared up...and then (like now) all of the sudden, I too have about 15 tiny "skin-colored" bumps all over my chin which are turning into painful tiny red zits which typically come to a head within 3 days. They are SO painful...and always around my chin and jawline when they happen!! I have one now on my upper lip, near the corner of my mouth...very tiny...but so painful that it caused that side of my mouth to swell
  13. OK, so I am not "old" - I'm 28 - but I am starting to get those fine lines around my eyes and mouth and want to start using an anti-aging night creme. You would think this would be a fairly easy request...HOWEVER, it apparently is the quest for the holy grail!! Every single anti-aging night cream contains either oil, fragrance, or BOTH! It is SO f---ing annoying! Oil of Olay has oil-free stuff, but it contains fragrance. Or, they have fragrance-free..but it has OIL in it! Either that, or t
  14. thanks for the advice guys - i guess i will go for the no popping, because there is no head to it, it's just a cyst-like bump - i'm sure no good will come out of popping it. it's just sooo goddamn frustrating with this big ass cyst next to your eye, with NO signs of it abating. I guess I will just try the neosporin and the 5% BP and try to dry the hell out of it. still doing the dip regime, hoping that will drown the little crapper, too!!