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  1. I'm resurrecting this topic from the DEAD!! A lot has happened since the last post. I've moved from Texas to North Carolina and now am a recent resident of the great state of Florida! And it has been now 1 year and 7 months since starting Yaz. Skin is still doing well under the Yaz treatment (no real blemishes to speak of woohoo!) But I'm still having trouble with my uneven skin tone and redness. I'm open to suggestions for supplements to take for that. Topical medications don't seem to help me
  2. Hope someone has checked out my before/after pics. It'd be nice to have some feedback. At the end of this month it will have been 1 year since i started Yaz! WOW. And i'm still getting recent compliments about how my skin is looking really clear If only I could conquer my jawline acne all really would be clear. i'm going to try to take more fish oil. I'm only consuming about 684 mg of epa/dha a day. i'm going to try to get over a gram a day.
  3. Just wanted to touch base, haven't forgot about the site! It's been 10+ months now. I still break out a tiny bit around the bottom of my face-jawline area but I found a new technique that works great for me. After i wash my face in the evening with Aveeno facial cleanser I swipe a cotton ball dipped in isopropyl alcohol around my face. makes my eyes water and feel like i'm inhaling fumes but it works wonders to make those spots go down quick! Im still hoping my breakouts on the jaw will be few
  4. 9 Months (as of Dec.30th) Only have 2 small active spots. everything else just faded/blotchy but skin is wayy better than used to be before Yaz. To anyone else on Yaz or other birth control meds--wait it out and let it run its course. it could be different for everyone i'm sure but i never expected it would be 8 months+ before i saw REAL results. and it continues to get better even at 9 months now. i continue to take my fish oil as well b/c i think it balances it out nicely and keeps oil produc
  5. Thanks jokerj for sharing your story! I agree that eating the right foods does help. I think the myth about chocolate causing breakouts really is true for me sad to say And yes I do have encouraging news. I've been on Yaz now for 8 1/2 months and my skin has gotten much MUCH better. I still have a couple breakouts here and there mostly on the chin area. But i've had people who knew before i started Yaz say what an improvement my skin has made. it's been so slow and subtle that i didn't really
  6. i'm at my 6 month mark with Yaz right now. i'd say the improvements were so gradual and slight that i couldn't notice them. but i had a friend tell me at 4 months my skin had gotten a lot better and at my 6 months she said it was waaayy better than before i started yaz. so i guess for me i see my face everyday and couldn't see the improvements but from someone who didn't see me for a few months at a time, she could tell. i'm not completely clear and still have small breakouts here and there but
  7. Just hit my 6 MONTH mark with Yaz on Sept. 30th i'm feeling sort of unsure about things though. i don't know if my skin will continue to get better if it stops changing at 6 months. it's definitely gotten better but its not where i want it to be. my lower left side of my face has a cluster of small zits and 1 large one that will not seem to go away for weeks and weeks. and my skin tone is very blotchy. i get tiny small zits here and there but thankfully i've had fewer large ones other than th
  8. Thanks SCaliGirl! Yes any improvements are good ones. I saw my friend again recently that I hadn't seen for a couple months and she remarked how MUCH better my skin was doing (even since the last time she saw me which i mentioned in a post wayy back) So that gave me hope b/c i felt like my skin was stagnant. i can see all the redmarks and i still break out especially on my lower cheek area now all of a sudden. and my skin has felt greasier than ever. i've been bouncing back and forth w/ fis
  9. Skin doing better. Had a bout with food poisioning. felt fine until that evening and for the past 2 1/2 days have been feeling very ill. feeling much better today though. been eating very little so i guess that could be why skin looks a little better haha. met up with fiddle-player guy for lunch (which is actually where i got the food poisoning from) and had a great time. didn't think about my skin at all, yay!
  10. Skin acting a bit crazy as i fear hormones are higher than usual, darn female issues...anyways i just got 2 big ones on lower cheeks (favorite breakout spot apparently). my roomate did say my skin was looking smoother though! side note again, the guy i like in the band (he's a fiddle player lol) -i gave him my # a couple of weeks ago and didn't hear from him. then out of the blue yesterday checked my voicemails and he had called! apparently he'd lost my # in his pants pocket. so excited, hopi
  11. The redmarks that I have (on lower half of cheeks and chin area) are shrinking! I was so excited, i did a double-take in the mirror just now. I was just taking a glance wondering if skin was looking any clearer (i try not to look too much in mirror) and noticed the smaller redmarks, yay!! still have some small zits along jawline/chin as usual but nothing huge, whew. lighting WAS dim last sat. night when i saw guy i like playing with his band. it was an evening outdoors under a canopy type thin
  12. Thanks, I appreciate it! skin is doing ok, still got my usual lower half of face zits here and there, stupid hormones. some days i wake up and wash my face and it feels pretty smooth but by my evening wash it feels kind of bumpy on my face. i think it's getting better though as in the bumps i feel are getting smaller. it's so hard to tell though b/c i see my face everyday. i've got 2 inflamed zits right now, one on each side of the face on my lower cheeks and i'm annoyed b/c i'm going to s
  13. 3 months 13 days I saw a friend today that hadn't seen me in 3 1/2 months and she commented on how much better my skin was looking. I was so thrilled b/c no one has told me that so far and i was thinking it hadn't changed much at all in the time I've been taking YAZ. So that made me feel a lot better. i still get occasional breakouts along my chin and jawline and i've got this stupid tiny zit below my nostril (haaate those!) it looks like a beacon. anyways it was good to hear something positive
  14. So finally happy to say skin is doing somewhat better! The two big blemishes I had (one on left cheek and one on chin) have subsided and become flat as have all other blemishes. Just redmarks and skin tone to worry about at the moment. I don't know if it'll stay like this, with no real active zits or if i'm about to break out again. for now i'm enjoying it though. i accidentally bought enteric-coated fish oil capsules which was ok b/c they're a little more concentrated. they have 360mg vs. my
  15. so i ran out of fish oil for a few days and got 2 painful big ones appear on my lower cheeks. i'm back on the fish oil now but i know it takes a few days to kick in. i'm not really seeing any huge difference still with the Yaz but i have had my breakouts on my chin go down. still get a couple here and there. i've found a couple of success stories here on the boards in regards to using Yaz. it definitely helps to hear that it took some people 5-6 months to see any results at all.