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  1. Its hard to maintain healthy lifestyle..in and outside. ..just can't seem getting used..
  2. Today I decided to find out my trigger of acne. I ate glutens foods last night until this night. Ate less fruits, drank processed foods, drank dairy milk, eat noodles, eat grains..I feel my stomatch got so full. My mood is decreasing after I ate and drank those foods and drinks. I got new break out already, guess my face got all bumpy now. Think I really NEED TO AVOID those foods and ate fruits and vegetables only then drink lot of water and get a lot exercise and always feeling positive. Now I
  3. I've been avoiding dairy for 2 weeks, and also don't eat proceeded foods, sugar, or any gluten foods for 2 weeks now. Eat lot of fruits and vegetables, drink 1,5 L water once a day. Tidy up my rooms, get lot of sleeps, eat less than usual, get exercise and not too stress on my acne/face, apply banana peels daily. Now..My acne get a lot better. Just tiny bit that came out but big bimples rarely show. Trying to not stress with college stuffs, my broke up last weekweek..now I can cope up now, we
  4. Try banana peels. Scrubs the babana peel's inside layer then apply to the marks (Use the rippen/yellow banana instead the green one). I have been using it and I see that my old / recent mark/scars fade away in just 4 days, and try use it daily. I am using it until my acne marks fade away, its been 1 week and I will always continue. Also try to eat more vegetable and fruits to fight acne from inside too. And dont be stressed over the marks, believe that it will fade away eventually. The new skin
  5. My acne today is improved a bit. Though the blemish are still over my face. And it looks depressing, but I try to stay cool and accept it anyway. Hope they fade in time, but don't take too long time.. I also just broke up, so feel bit not feeling well, but life goes on. Hope I will have a greater partner someday who will accept me for who I am.
  6. I live in Indonesia. Yes, don't mention it. I wanted to share knowledge about acne and what factors that causing it. You are not fighting alone. Hehe.. Its nice to share same feelings about how depressing to have acne and it causing us to not getting social. ... Good Luck!!!
  7. Oh... I can feel you. I have same feeling too, even now my face is still not clear up. I wish I had gorgeous/flawless skin that my friends have. But, I found interesting thing. Everyone has different skin type/genetic. So, when people have acne on face, that's mean the body try to tell them that they are not healthy. Although most of people around us have flawless skin, not having sensitive and oily skins like us, but their body doesn't tell them that they have toxins inside their body. They can
  8. Hope this can help you. I also had acne similar like yours. But now, they are just red marks. It needs patience and dedication. Eat a lot of green vegetables especially broccoly. The complete details on my post.
  9. Hope I can help. I have similar situation like you. I live in tropical country and everyday it can be so hot even I stay in my room. I try to keep cooling down, with AC, or fans and wear not many outfit inside. Try goboutside to get air. Avoid staying in hot place for too long, especialky direct sunlight.
  10. I have been getting acne since I was 14. It has been around 8 years now, I am getting struggling with acne. Now, I am sharing how I manage my acne naturally and holistically, my face is getting better from before I changed my lifestyle. I will make points to get better ideas how I solve my acne problem. And I am getting my face much better now. Before 8 started to learn what causing acne, and learn holistic and natural ways of treating acne. I had been tried all stuff and any creams, acne sca