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  1. You are in good hands, Dr. Rullan will recommend the best treatment based on the scars you have. Good luck.
  2. HI Marie28, sorry to hear that, are your bumps on your chin or on your nose? From everything I read the laser needs to be ablative, i recall my doctor saying that electrocauterization was an method he uses in addition to steroid injections and the ablative laser.
  3. I had HA fillers performed as part of my overall treatment plan by Dr. Rullan this past July and so far am extremely satisfied with the improvement. I also considered Dr. Benham but decided to go with Dr. Rullan based on the real life reviews on this forum and on youtube. I'm happy to share more about my experience if you want to message me.
  4. These are likely cobblestone/pebblestone scaring and I agree with beautifulambition, steroid injection (as well as ablative fraction erbium) may be helpful per Dr. Davin Lam and other prominent doctors. I have similar scaring on my chin and just had erbium laser done to treat them. I am currently in the healing process, but the depth of the scars seems to have decreased.
  5. These are likely papules/cobblestone/pebblestone scars, I have them on my chin and just had them treated with a fractional ablative laser in July. I am in the healing process but have definitely noticed some improvement in the depth of the scars. Here's a study done if you are interested https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/dth.12512
  6. Based on my experience, I would also recommend subcision with possible filler or suctioning to decrease the likelihood of re-tethering. The reason being is subscision will treat the indentations at a horizontal level, breaking the scar tissue that is pulling the surface of your skin down.
  7. I would also highly recommend Dr. Rullan, I saw him back in July for ice pick, box cars, tethered, and cobblestone/pebblestone scaring. First of all, his consultations are free (I did mine via email), so it doesn't hurt to get his opinion. I wish I would have known this earlier, as I visited several other dermatologists in California and they all charged for a brief consultation, the biggest con artist was Annie Chiu from the Derm Institute ($200 for a 15 minute consult, offered subscis
  8. I have had this condition for 4 years now and yes they do even out when you stretch the skin. has anyone tried using this product to treat this? Olay Regenerist MicroDermabrasion and Peel Kit Still hoping and praying that there will be a solution soon...
  9. I had a series of three treatments perfomed, the last of which took place about a month and a half ago. I have suffered from cystic acne for the last 8 years and I must say that the treatment has had a positive effect on reducing the number of cysts I have. However, I am still breaking out so I am now almost certain that my acne is caused by the foods I eat, primarily dairy, seafood, fried chicken, and chips which have been a staple of my diet during this time. I've already cut out chocolate,
  10. Since I've had the same condition for the last 4 years, I can add some more insight into our problem that may be helpful in determining the correct course of action. I believe Whatupron is correct when he says that there seems to be nothing underneath these bumps. I can solidify this statement because I have had the ones on my chin frozen via cryotherapy, electrocautered, popped using a comedone extracter, but yet they still persist so it doesn't seem lilke the bumps are being supported by any
  11. Hello, I also have the same bumps on my chin that have persisted for about 4 years now. I have tried cold beam, tazorac, cryotheraphy, electrodessication to no avail. Whats worse different derms have classifed these from anywhere from comedones, to keloids, to sebaceous hyperplasia. Some derms plainly didn't know what they were. What I do know is I got them after rubbing a bunch of proactive on my chin area for a few weeks. How did you get them? Please help! Thanks.
  12. The fastest way I get rid of a cyst is via a Cortisone shot from my dermatologist. The shot will work whether the cyst is still underneath the skin or fully exposed. The shot will flatten the cyst in several hours. good luck!