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  1. I'd introduce acne to all of the people that piss me off. So nobody better piss me off...or you know who im sending to your door tonight
  2. @giovanni.v There's no harm in that You could post that question in another thread
  3. If you could do anything...ANYTHING, what would you do? I'd give him some fuckin acne and cycstic ones too! Plus if he asks me what to do, i'll simply give him some cooking oil and tell him to rub it on his face. Then I'd go and rape his mom
  4. Yeah man I hear you...I just wish we knew if it was some allergy or dryness of the skin
  5. It's glad to know that i'm not the only one . It's like this hot air inside of you and well hot=red so it shows on the outside. The only way I know so far is to expose your body to the cold but that TOO has given my face red bumps(not pimples or zits) if I was out there for too long. It makes my red marks ever redder. I will definetely try that cold water suggestion. Thanks
  6. Ok, so i'm not sure if anyone has this same condition but..it's been bothering me for my whole acne life! I have mild acne and well whenever I feel angry, stressed or embarrassed, my face, scalp, body becomes ITCHY and and red(red on the face only). I don't know what it can be but I DO KNOW that my skin could be dry. What I don't know is that why my emotions must trigger the itchyness and how my skin can become dry when i don't see any flakes. Sometimes, when I get itchy I begin to see a red spo