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  1. I currently have had this fever for about 5 days and still counting.. it's around 100-102. I was wondering if the fever will affect accutane in anyway or render it useless? Your input is appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Has anybody ever used Aqua Glycolic with Retin-A Micro 0.1%? I want to try out this regimen but I'm afraid that it'll be too harsh and break me out like mad.
  3. i'm doing the duac at morning and retin-a at night regimen and it has worked well for me. only problem is overtime i accumulate this layer of dead skin that i dont notice until i rub on the layer and when i do it comes off like an eraser and i feel like i can roll all the skin off and such. but of course i would like to avoid this problem, any suggestions on a good moisturizer? i have asian skin, i'm quite fair and my skin is not too oily. oh and the DKR regimen lotion BURNED my face.. so i woul
  4. sell your soul to the devil eh.... your acne doesn't look that bad, my scars alone make your acne look like nothing. there really is no cure to acne unless you use accutane which i guarantee will obliterate all your pimples. right now im on a really good regimen prescribed by my doc, minocycline at night along with a thin layer of retin a. then in the morning he told me to use duac gel as spot treatment. so far it has settled down my acne from 7-8 pimples to 1-2.
  5. i just looked in the mirror at the side of my face and there is a line dividing my face into a tan part ( toawrds my ears) and a pale part ( my cheeks), im currently using retin a and minocycline. how did this happen? anyway to prevent it??
  6. i'm just curious, does aqua glycolic irritate your skin or is it a mild cleanser that helps with red marks. what about the toner?
  7. since ive been using cetaphil ive noticed how pale my face is compared to the rest of my face. i only use this for my acne and nothing else. anybody else experienced this so i can be sure its the cetaphil gentle cleanser?
  8. I know that you are trying to recruit more Christians but this is not the way to help someone believe. God has a path chosen for them already and this thread is not done out of god's power but yours. I'm a Christian too and I know I sound harsh but everybody gets offended once in their life and I don't mean to offend you. Forgive me.
  9. Is it ok to use a moisturizer while on Accutane?
  10. ive been taking accutane for about 3 days now and today i'm going to take my 4th pill.. well anyways i took a nap today and i dreamt of clear skin... ive never dreamt of having clear skin before. in the dream i was up close to the mirror as i always am and i was looking at my forhead where i have it bad right now and it was completely clear and my natural skin tone.. i was elated in my dream but when i woke up.. i still had pale skin and alot of red in my face.. then i just felt very sad .. an