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  1. Like if we have bought products from acne.org for a long time would they give discounts?
  2. Well when I first started using it I would always get some stinging for several mintues. This would last about a week. Then my skin gets used to it and it does not sting anymore.
  3. CB07

    tca cross

    Would 15% or 25% be ok to apply it on the whole face?
  4. Stephyeezy Look into TCA Peel or TCA Cross. Helps greatly with scars and hyperpigmentation.
  5. CB07

    tca cross

    eyeboy what kind of skin tone do you have? olive or? You self applied 100% TCA right? Can you give me some tips? Im thinking of applying it on my whole face. Some parts of my body as well. I had some chemical peels done by my derm, but 60$ a treatment(had 4 of them done)??? Im thinking of doing it on my own. This is where im gonna buy my TCA seller has a good feedback. Look at those picture when you click on the site below. http://cgi.ebay.com/3Bottles100-TCA-100-Gl...1QQcmdZViewItem
  6. TCA? Im gonna self apply it soon in about a two weeks with 25%.
  7. You should just do self applying TCA peels yourself, because it seems cheaper than to go to a derm. Im gonna get a 25% TCA from this person. http://stores.ebay.com/The-Original-Skin-Store
  8. Im gonna try TCA 25%, I heard that it will take reduce the icepicks scars and hyperpigmentation.
  9. Try getting soft tissue fillers, im thinking of getting this done next month. I've read that it produces collagen.
  10. I hope I will get picked shit .
  11. Are you still using the same regimen as the original post? Im thinking about trying this......im 2 months post accutane is it safe to start this? Instead of taking vitamin C pills I would just be eating more fruits, and drinks with vitamin C and apply acid at night? I would suggest you to wait a couple of months to use the ACV. Just keep on eating more fruits, better than taking vitamin C pills IMO.
  12. Is it ok if I can apply Differin after I used the Zaclir 4% BP Body Wash? Plus I use hydroquinone for dark spots, but I don't mix it or put on top of Differin. Any thoughts or comments?