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  1. I checked my local Shopper's Drug Mart and she said they could order Aquaphor for me, but I really wanted something sooner than she could get it. No Walgreen's here... maybe I'll have to pay the ridiculous shipping costs and order Dr. Dan's off eBay.
  2. My lips are started to feel chapped and I know it just gets worse from here on in. I can't find Dr. Dan's Cortibalm or Aquaphor here in Canada. What other suggestions are out there for lipcare? Anything that you've tried and loved? Help!
  3. Much of the time, your body confuses hungry for thirst. I have been finding that I want to eat more too so whenever I get hungry, I have a big drink of water and then if I'm still hungry 10 minutes later then I'll eat. I don't really want to gain 20lbs on Accutane!
  4. Parasol

    My Accutane Journey

    pictures from the journey
  5. Thanks for your advice everyone - I took my first pill with breakfast this morning. I just keep wondering if this Accutane thing is too good to be true - a CURE for acne? We'll see. Anyway, not picking is going to be IMPOSSIBLE! I love to pick with a magnifying mirror. Oh well, I can change. I think. I hope I can find those products here in Canada. I'm going to need a good lip balm because I'm already hooked on my balm before Accutane. I've been reading the boards and I'm so glad we don't h
  6. Tomorrow I start my first ever Accutane (generic brand Clarus) treatment. I'm on 40 mg for the first month, then 80 mg for the second month. FYI: Two month supply costed me about $215 CDN. I have been exploring these boards and there is a lot of information here... I want to ask a question to those that have been on Accutane - now that you have gone through it or are going through it, what is the best tidbit of advice that you have to share? What advice did you read or what product did you