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  1. Hi everyone, here is my report after three months. Right now (and it has been like this for the past 2 weeks), I am completely clear. Things started improving at the end of month 2, and from then on just got better and better. I am not sure what did the trick, since as far as I remember when I took Diane back when I was 22, it did not work this fast. i am guessing it might be because of Accutane course I was on 2 years ago that Diane now kicked in much faster and with better results. I a
  2. I think you should definitely stick to Diane for at least one more month. When I was on them before (which was quite some time ago that I do not remember the details), I had breakouts in the third month, and I just read some of my older posts on acne.org forums and found one in which I say I cleared up in month 4. I remember I was still oily in month 3 and my oil never completely stopped, such as with Roaccutane. I really do not remember how it all went from month 4 on, but I think I quit some
  3. Hi I am currently on my second pack of Diane 35, after I had a remission of acne after doing Roaccutane 2 years ago. Similar to you I had a serious breakout about 21 days into the course which is still going on and mostly consists of cysts that I didn't have ever since beginning of Roaccutane, so it is making me depressed as well. My derm doesn't want to put me on a second course yet although I feel it is getting worse. Like you, I also have a picking problem But I also feel that if I
  4. Heeey honey, I just came on the boards feeling so desperate, in order to search "accutane second course", because I am breaking out again, as well. And then I see you started your second course and, as much as I felt bad for I know how awful it must feel, I also felt relieved, and all of a sudden me considering a second course (which was a disaster just a moment ago) seemed so easy and normal. Keep up the spirit and the courage to continue fighting, this surely is inspirational for me to book an
  5. Hey there We were on the 'Tane around the same time, I followed your log and was amazed with the results. I just saw your 6 month update and I can say I'm in the exact same boat as you. My oil returned to the point when it is as bad as before, both on face and hair, which translates to - washing hair every day, blotting and dabbing compact powder to minimize the shine every few hours. On the whole though, I'm satisfied and grateful that I no longer get acne (everything I had since stopping 'Ta
  6. Good to hear all that! Do the pics, it would be great. I bet you yourself will be amazed with the difference.
  7. Hey carmelle, how are you doing? Did you get the pills? I hope everything's ok and the earache is gone. As for the guy, you did the right thing, I agree with hopeful42day.
  8. Great! I'm so glad things are looking up. You aren't the only one in love with the spring )
  9. Jezika, how is it going? Are you done with Accutane? Hope you're doing ok...
  10. 2 months post treatment I waited this long to update on purpose, because I wanted to see how my skin would react, at different times of the month, during my PMS etc. Well, the breakout I had soon after stopping Accutane never happened again. In fact I had only one raised comedo and about a dozen really tiny almost invisible blemishes since then, which I find very satisfactory. I am still plagued a little with the red marks, but they are not that bad with make up on, and I am more and more comfo
  11. Today I noticed the oil coming back. In the morning when I woke up my T-zone was oily / the same type of oil as before, as well as my hair - the bangs area, even though I washed it the day before. But I had no new breakouts. I think I'll head for the derm office tomorrow. I suppose he'd have me put on some topical retinoid, we'll see.
  12. Hey, how's it going with Accutane so far? Have you finished?
  13. Today has been calm. The two inflamed ones I had got extracted, and I have no new actives. I noticed my skin getting a little oilier, as well as my hair (I can't go on for 5-6 days without washing my hair like when I was on Accutane, but 4 days tops). Other than that I've been ok today with my skin (I wore foundation) and it didn't look half bad. We'll see what the future has in store for me...
  14. Hey carmelle, thank you for your support back on my log. I really hope the second course does the trick for you. As it seems you're already seeing improvement with your skin texture, which is the beginning of the road to clear skin. I am also glad to read you haven't had any serious breathing problems since going back on Accutane, and I hope it stays that way. Good luck I will consider a second course if things start to get worse than this, I'll have to see with my derm.
  15. 3 weeks post treatment I am not that happy to report that I had quite a breakout on my cheeks in the past 3 weeks. They were inflamed comedos, which I squeezed out of pure resentment and disappointment, and they left some red marks. Other than that, my skin is still free of oil (although I think it might be coming back a little) and bumps and other stuff, but it is not where I imagined it would be. I have red marks and still use quite a bit of foundation to cover them. I can't really predict wh