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  1. Tarte gel cheek stain is the best blush ever !!! I have it in flush. I didn't even care for blush much before this stuff. But, it really gives you a beautiful, healthy glow to cheeks. Wish I could afford the rest of the colors...
  2. If I was you I'd get a tube of the lite active spf stuff and the regular kind in the bottle. I did and I love them both. I'm on retin-A, so the tube kind is great for protection, not to mention it's sweatproof for working out. But the kind in the bottle has better coverage, a flawless finish in my honest opinion. Both are great foundations but I rotate using them depending on what look I'm going for, you know? I'm not sure about maybelline's color tones, but I have pale, yellow-toned sk
  3. I went to NYC with a friend last weekend and visited the Sephora store in times square. Needless to say it was one of my favorite sights on our trip and we spent like 2 hours there! Hey, we're from Louisiana so it was a treat for us! Anyways, out of all the things I tried there, I HAD to buy the Tarte gel blush in flushed. I'm usually not a blush person at all, cuz the powdered ones are always streaky and uneven = not flattering on me whatsoever. But this one made me look so rosy and purt
  4. I've been dying to try the Loreal HIP eyeshadows for awhile now...I know I'll probably buy showy (the turquoise and blue duo one), but wasn't sure if should try another shadow duo or check out the pigments, lipglosses, etc.? Are there any Loreal HIP fans on here? Let me know what you've tried and what's nice and what not, please! -rgn
  5. I've become a faithful colorstay user over the past couple mos. and to my delight, K-Mart is having a B1G1 free sale on revlon cosmetics!!! So, I initially figured I'd get 2 more of my precious Colorstay lite active spf 25 in buff. But I was wondering what else is pretty good? I was thinking of trying one of the colorstays in the bottle, but have noticed infallible and a couple others that looked okay. What do you guys suggest? -rgn
  6. My nose is such a nuisance to me It is always redder than the rest of my face and becomes oily very quickly (between blotting and powderings). Does anyone else have this issue? Is there anything I can do other than covering it with green corrector and dousing on more makeup? My nose is very blackhead-y and becomes clogged and inflamed by the end of the day if i put any makeup other than powder on it. Is there any treatment for this unattractive feature? Stupid Nose!
  7. Just got color matched today I'm NW 20! I just bought the studio fix concealor and a lip gelle in 'moistly'. I can't seem to keep away from the MAC counter lately And now I'm thinking about those liquid liners....
  8. I usually only wear lipstick or lip balm. But, I've noticed some chicks wearing glossy lips and I'm beginning to experiment and try out the look now. So what do you guys swear by? I'd like to eventually find a nice nude gloss to compliment smoky eyes and a berry-ish shade for when I wear subtle, natural eyeshadow. So far I've tried Avon Glazwear-which was okay enough, Maybelline Shiny-licious (still debating) and caboodles lip gloss tubes (the ones with the little balls in them)--cute packag
  9. Well, I didn't get the free shipping, but I ordered a bunch of samples anyway! I've been dying to check out her BHA 2% gel for sometime now. Also, I hear the carbon mask is good. Anyone here tried it yet?
  10. I probably shouldn't care about this, but it kinda pisses me off! Maybe because Nicole Richie is a NOBODY with a rich dad who is famous, like Paris Hilton, for having achieved NOTHING. In my opinion Cameron Diaz is WAY hot and NR is fugly! Who, cares if Cameron has acne, she's still gorgeous!!! And, her smile and personality make her unique and even hotter. That is all I have to say. Nicole and her friends are just jealous, and they SHOULD be. P.S. I love her style AND her laugh!
  11. I thought I'd post this in the cosmetics forum as it deals with hair and nails in addition to skin. I bought a jar of these a couple mos. ago and I've only used them 2-3 times. I mainly purchased them because my nails are so brittle and chip/peel so easily . Also, my hair is so much thinner than it used to be. And, of course, if it can help my complexion as well, then heck yeah!!! These vitamins mainly consist of Biotin, Gelatin, and MSM, just FYI. I'm gonna try to remember to start takin
  12. I've been wondering about this as well. I've been using RAM for awhile, and although my skin is clearer, the nose is still clogged with tons of blackheads. Will Retin-A ever make them go away!!!???!!!!