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  1. Chloe123

    Life after acne

    lol breaking out again
  2. Chloe123

    Life after acne

    its been ages! Im off the pill again. ive talked to my doc and she said its okay to come off every few months and go back on it to give my body a break (aka lose some weight). skin has been fine.
  3. Chloe123

    Life after acne

    Update if anyone even cares lol. Im clear again. Looks like i have to be on the pill for the rest of my life. Im taking vitamin D and fish oil to reduce my blood clot risk
  4. Chloe123

    Life after acne

    Update: so im back lol. I've been so careless and busy the past few days that i missed like 5 pills. I woke up with a cyst on my jawline (ive never had a zit there).
  5. Chloe123

    Life after acne

    lol im back to my old self and i dont wash my face and im eating shit. its so bad.
  6. Chloe123

    Life after acne

    forgot to update but im half way through my third pill pack and my skin is perfect. Havent broken out for a month. Im so fucking happy. The bad thing is though that ive gained a pound i am always hungry. Trying my hardest to lose weight.
  7. Maybe look into inflammatory rosacea.
  8. So its not painful at all and is bumpy? Maybe its something else
  9. Chloe123

    Life after acne

    i just finished my first pill pack and my skin is clear again and my marks from my previous breakouts healing. Happy about my skin but all the side effects i had last time from the pill have returned omfg idk what to do
  10. Chloe123

    Life after acne

    What pill are you on now? im also freaking out over blood clots.
  11. Chloe123

    Life after acne

    A very realistic thread lol. LOL. Omfg i really wish it didnt come to this hahaha
  12. Chloe123

    Life after acne

    first week on the pill. lol.
  13. Chloe123

    Life after acne

    omfg i sound like a hypocrite from my original post on this topic and how im just gonna 'live' with acne and it wont bother me anymore. Well, i said that when i was clear lol. Im going back on the pill even if i gain weight or have long term side effects lol idc anymore
  14. Chloe123

    Life after acne

    UPDATE: omfg im not exaggerating my skin is crazy breaking out. Its worse than it was pre birth control. Im seeing my doctor tomorrow and im going to ask what i can go on that has the same affect as yasmin, but not birth control. Any advice? have been looking into spironolactone.
  15. Chloe123

    Moisturiser burnt skin